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Game Vs. Cowboys: RB Brian Westbrook

On having to come back and play: We don't have any other options, we have to watch tape and get back here next week. At this point we don't have any other options but to go to work and then come back. I feel comfortable saying today was not Philadelphia eagles' football, we didn't do what we normally do, We didn't do what it takes to win a football game. Cowboys did a good job. We're going to try and take a look at the mistakes we made and move forward. We're going to try and fix those things that we did wrong. We didn't capitalize on opportunities, not on the red zone… and with turnovers, those hurt. When you don't capitalize you're going to be in trouble.

I feel pretty good, I don't think the offense really got into a rhythm, some parts we did, but for the most part ... we didn't. The Cowboys did a good job moving the ball up and down the field, but offensively we put our defense in a bad position. We need to go back to the drawing board and figure out ways to get in the red zone and score touchdowns.

On the Cowboys' defense: The Cowboys stop and run really good, they did a good job of stopping it. They had great defense. It's a combination of what we did and what they did to stop us.

On a humbling experience: We are going to have to wake up and sacrifice, do everything we can to come back in Saturday or Sunday in a hostile environment to win a game.

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