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Game Vs. Browns: Eagles Locker Room

CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

On being comfortable this season and the two interceptions today: "That's just a great day and start just a personal standpoint, but I give credit to the d-line because I knew the ball was going to have to come out fast and I was just snapping my head around to just get a feel for where the ball is. You know when there is an opportunity for an interception, you have to make it."

On the defense having a big game: "That just says a lot about us. By the end of the day, we were proven. Sometimes the offense is going to have bad luck and it is just one of those games where you have to dig deep and juts keep on fighting and capitalizing on that. You get in the film room, see what you can do better."

On what was going on down on the sideline after the Browns' pick-six: "One thing I did see, nobody dropped their heads. You kind of get that feeling like, dang, but at the end of the day you know you have to go out there, there is a lot of game left, you have to pick yourself back up and just go out there and fight."

S Kurt Coleman

On coming back to Ohio: "It's a little emotional. I'm not gonna lie. It's my first time really coming back and playing. I was nominated captain and I just really proud of this team being able to continue to fight and we never gave up. No matter when the cards were stacked against us, we never gave up and continued to fight and people made plays when we needed to make plays whether it be offense, defense, or special teams. We made plays when we needed to make plays."

On when his helmet came off after tackling RB Trent Richardson: "Well, it was just a simple run for them, but I got cracked by the wide receiver and when hit me, my helmet chinstrap popped off and then I couldn't even see and the rest is history. He ran right into me and my helmet did some work on my face as you can see, but I'm feeling good even though I'm in pain. I feel good. "

On Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie pre-season and how he built on it today: "I tell you what, he's been on since the beginning of off-season. He really wants to prove he is one of the best cornerbacks in this game and I know it by just the way he goes out there. He competes every single day. We're in a little battle right now, but I love him. I love that he is able to lock a man up and go and get an interception. He is one of the best cornerbacks I've ever played with."

WR DeSean Jackson

On Michael Vick bouncing back on the final drive: "He's got a lot of courage man, honestly. We worked so hard throughout the offseason and through training camp and things like that. Just to come out on fire, and just try to do whatever we can to set this team up for a long year and great success. Sometimes it doesn't always work that way. But as you could see he fought back, he kept you know making plays. Regardless of him being down on himself, everybody's like regardless of anything,, we will still ride with you.. It was just a good situation to see him come back and make a game-winning throw."

On bouncing back and getting a win: "That's the best thing possible. In the NFL, there are a lot of great players out there, a lot of great teams. We had to mentally be prepared for it. We went 4-0 through the preseason. Everybody kind of felt like we were on a high level, but we just kind of had to think about it and really just get back to reality. You still got to go out there and win football games. For this to be the first regular season game that counts, all the young guys, all the new additions and stuff; they see what it's going to be like this year. Every week we come out there people are shooting at us to take down the Philadelphia Eagles so it's just what we have to expect. It is not going to be easy. We want to be the last team standing so were going to have to go through tough times like that."

On staying calm and patient while having so many yards, but only 17 points: "It is definitely tough. Like you said, 456 yards of total offense and 17 points. That's definitely not good enough. We felt we had a pretty good first half. The second half, we had a lot of miscues. Thing were just not being in sync. We've just got to go back to the drawing board and look at the tape. First game of the year, we get out of here with a win away from home, now we get back home and play against the Baltimore Ravens. We're just looking forward to that."

QB Michael Vick

On coming together as a team at the end: "It was us in the huddle just stepping up and saying let's get it done. We have been through so much throughout the game with the penalties and the turnovers. The great thing about it was nobody pointed fingers, and everybody just stuck together and encouraged one another. The last drive we got into a no huddle drill and were able to move the ball, which is good for us. We get out of here 1-0, and that's what's important."

On feeling relieved after throwing last touchdown: "Absolutely. I would be lying if I said it wasn't. You know we fought hard all game and obviously, I had plenty of throws that I would like to have back. I was sort of rusty out there, but I just fought through it and that's all I could do. When we scored that last touchdown it was a sigh of relief."

On sense of frustration during final scoring drive: "You know what, the thing was, we were never frustrated, even if we were down. Late in the fourth quarter we were never frustrated with six minutes left to go when we were down. We just kept fighting. We just kept encouraging one other, and (you) have to give credit to the (Philadelphia) defense. They saved us. The defense went out and played well and they looked really good."

On staying positive after throwing a pick-six: "When you throw interceptions, it is one thing, but when you an interception for a touchdown and it changes the dynamic of the game. When you look up at the scoreboard and now you're losing, you feel a sense of dissatisfaction. You look over at the sideline and you hold yourself accountable for making positive plays. I have a responsibility to this team and that is to lead them, not to hurt them. So I was more disappointed in that than anything. I just wanted another chance to get the ball back and try to make things right."

On getting lucky not throwing interception before touchdown: "Oh man yeah. I have to get out of Cleveland. I have to get out of Cleveland (jokingly)."

LDT Cullen Jenkins

On the defense being able to pick up the offense: "It's big. One, we want them to know we have their backs. Two, coming in listening to all the critics and everybody, especially coming off last year talking about the defense, can we stop them? Can we hold up? We have pride too, anybody who is a competitor they don't want to go for that."

On if the defense is like a new unit from last year: "The energy we had out there, it's a good start. With Nnamdi (Asomugha) and DRC (Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie), Kurt (Coleman) and all them. If they play like that it makes everybody look good. They played a heck of a game today."

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