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Game Vs. Broncos: Eagles Offense

TE Brent Celek On the difference between the 1st half and the 2nd half for the offense: "Yeah, we struggled a little bit in the second half. It is something we have to improve on for next week. We can't play like that down the stretch and expect to win every game. We are happy to get a win this week, but we are going to have to improve a little bit."

On whether the offensive unit's struggles in the 2nd half were more about themselves or changes the Broncos made: "They are a good team too. They have players on their team. They played us well and adjusted a bit in the 2nd half. Like I said before, we have to improve though."

On having eight touchdowns this season and it being a career season:"I just do what the coaches ask of me. That's all I can say. [QB] Don[ovan McNabb] gets me the ball. I have to give credit to the offensive line. They are doing a great job blocking."

On getting RB Brian Westbrook back this week: "Brian is a big time leader on this team and getting him back certainly energized everybody. We are glad to have him back and be at full strength now."

On having close games this season: "We are confident, but we have to stop doing that. We are messing ourselves up there. We have to put that game away a bit earlier than we did."

WR Jeremy Maclin On his big 4th quarter catch: "I had a go route and [WR] Jason [Avant] was coming on the corner, so the ball was in between. I saw the ball, stopped and did my best to stay in bounds and catch the ball."

On whether he knew if he had gotten two feet in bounds: "I was very confident. I immediately got up and told [head] Coach [Andy] Reid to challenge it, but I forgot it was under two minutes."

On what he was thinking during the play: "I was thinking about making the play and helping my team. We were up 27-10 and all of the sudden, things backfired and it went downhill from there. We needed one play to spark us. Our defense did a great job of stopping them and it gave us field position. We needed one big play to get us into field position."

On whether he was watching the replay on the big screen: "Yeah, like I said, I felt like I got both feet down."

On his rookie season and being such a big part of the offense: "You have to earn Donovan's trust. I think you have five other guys who are reliable here too. The balls just happened to come my way today."

WR DeSean Jackson On today's comeback after being up 27-10: "If it was not for Donovan McNabb's scrambling on 3rd-and-long, eventually setting us up with great field position – it was tough because we struggled. We were up, it's unfortunate to be up like that and get complacent. We let them get back in the game. It was tough for us and we couldn't get momentum going, they did a great job, but we were able to stick one in when it counted."

On getting complacent in the second half: "The biggest thing with stuff like that is when you are up by a couple of touchdowns we have to stay an aggressive offense. We like to attack the defense. We went away from that at a point. When we came out in the second half, we weren't really clicking. They had momentum over us, but we just kept working and were able to stick one in there. It was a tough one, it was ugly, but we will take it."

On how important it is going into the playoffs knowing that you can win close games: "It's huge. This game today is what the playoffs are all about. It's not all easy, there are times where we are going to be down and going to have to fight back to get up. There are going to be times where we are up and teams are going to fight back to get up on us. It's good, we were tested today. It's a great situation to be tested in your second to last game of the season. We were able to pull through, where earlier in the season we were not pulling through those games. It's great to be able to pull through them."

On Maclin's catch: "It was a great catch. Jeremy has been doing a great job. He was out last week and wasn't able to play. He came out strong and made a great catch. I just tip my hat on that last drive to Donovan for scrambling and Jeremy for making a great catch. Without those two plays, we would be struggling."

On whether he talked to Broncos FS Brian Dawkins during the game:"Yeah, the biggest thing with Dawk is that he is very passionate and if you aren't on his team during the game, he's not going to acknowledge you or talk to you. He nodded to me quickly on the field, but I don't really get into messing with him. I kept my head on a swivel. I am not going to say I was hiding from him, I just tried to stay away from him as much as possible because I know what type of player his is. He's very physical. He got me one time, but besides that, it was cool."

FB Leonard Weaver On the hard play of Broncos S Brian Dawkins in his return to Philadelphia:"The bottom-line is this is a pro game. He has a job to do. It's not about friendship when you step on that field. It's not about, 'Oh I'm going to take it easy on this guy, because I know him.' That's not what it is, because thousands of guys know each other in this league. It is about doing their job, and [Dawkins] did his job tonight, of course, hitting, and that's what he's supposed to do. And we were aware of that."

On how much this win meant after the Broncos rallied back: "It meant a lot. Obviously, [WR] Jeremy [Maclin] came up with a huge catch. I think that changed a lot of the momentum. It put us in great position. From that point, we knew we were going to be able to get the job done. [Call] a couple of runs, get us a little closer, help [K David Akers] out a little bit, and Dave did a great job kicking it in."

On whether he thought Maclin made the catch in bounds:"Definitely. He's been doing it all year. Out-of-bounds catches -- his feet are always in. It was great to see him make that catch, and obviously [it was] big for us because we came out with a [win]."

On whether he considers this a character-building win for the team: "I think we've already established ourselves with our character, who we are, and what we're about, but I think it was important for us to experience that type of battle because that's what playoffs are like. It's a low-scoring game in the playoffs. It's pretty knuckle-up, buckle-up type of football. I think it was a real good test for us, and we came out on top, and it was a blessing."

WR Jason Avant
On his touchdown catch off a deflected pass:"I saw [the Broncos] were in Cover 4. I tried to stop a little bit sooner. I should have stopped a lot sooner. [QB Donovan McNabb] threw it, and I just tried to concentrate on it. I'm thankful that Don saw me, and I just tried to concentrate the best I could, and I came down with it, so I'm just thankful."

On whether he agrees that winning is contagious: "We're winners. We recognize that we're in a position to really fight for a top seed. There's one more game to go, a lot of things can happen, and we're not content with just getting to the playoffs. We want to gain some homefield advantage or a [first-round] bye."

K David Akers On the last few moments of the game: "What a throw and a catch by Don [McNabb] and [Maclin]. That was phenomenal. That changed the whole aspect of going for it -- it would have been a 58-yarder – [and] made it a whole lot more manageable. We had some ups and downs in the game, obviously, but way to finish it off."

On his thoughts leading up to the field goal: "Once I saw it up on the replay, it looked like a catch to me, so I was under the expectation that we were going to be trying a shorter field goal. It was great to be able to put it in. Everybody thinks it might just be [a kick], but if you don't have the snap and the blocking, nothing works right. It was really great to be able to finish it off that way."

On the execution of the special teams unit: "That catch was spectacular, and I think that's really where the praise needs to go. [Special teams] gave [the defense] some bad field position at times, and I thought the defense did a good job as well. Overall, as a special teams unit, we need to do some things and get a little better at times. Ultimately, I just feel blessed to be here, and to have this job. It's really great. The teammates we have…there's such a camaraderie, and it's been a really great year to hang out with everybody. We've got a lot of great guys, as you see."

On whether this season has been his best: "It's been a lot of fun, it really has been. The groups of guys that have come through over the years…we've had a lot of great guys. But our nucleus here has been impressive. I'm not even talking on the field. I'm talking off the field, and how we get along with each other. And you play harder for each other when that happens, I believe."

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