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Game Vs. 49ers: Locker Room Defense

LB Brian Rolle

On why the defense had so many problems compared to the first half: "We didn't adjust to the things that they did. It's all about technique and playing assignment football. That is something we didn't do."

On where this team is now compared to the expectations in the preseason: "We can't get down on ourselves. There are a lot of games left in the season. Don't count us out. We just have to get together, get back to the drawing board and sure things up. We have talent, but that is not enough. We have to get back and get our assignments perfect. You can have all the right players, but not playing the scheme right, that makes all the difference in the world."

DE Jason Babin

On what happened in the second half today: "They made some plays and we didn't stop them. They had a good plan and they beat us."

On how the defense can look so dominant at some points in the game and then give up so many big plays in others: "If I had the answer to that, I would be telling someone. Obviously, we have some things to fix. We can't use the same excuses every week. We are 1-3, this is real."

On whether it's time for some people to be more vocal during practice: "You don't have to be vocal, you just have to go out there and do it. You have to do it during practice and it will carry over to Sunday."

On whether he has seen anything in practice that would explain the defense coming up short at the end of games: "No, I would have not let it go by if I did. I think we had a great practice on Wednesday and an even better practice on Thursday. Whatever it is, we have to figure it out."

On blowing three straight 4th quarter leads: "I don't know what is in everybody else's head. I know what is in my head. When we put our foot on their throats, we have to finish them. If you let off, guess what, this is what happens."

On whether he believes guys are standing around waiting for other people to make plays: "No, I don't think so. Everybody wants to make a play. Our defense is an attack defense. It's up for each person to do what they have to do to make a play."

DT Cullen Jenkins

On the recent defensive struggles: "On a lot of these plays, we're getting beat when people are there. People have the opportunity, people have an assignment there and it's not getting done. You can't sit up here and point out the defensive coordinator because it's the players. Players have to step up and make the plays. You can put anybody in the right situation, but if they don't make the play, then their offense is going to win."

On whether he thinks the team has the players to make the plays right now: "Yeah, we do. I think that's the most frustrating part about it because we've got the people to do it, but we're just not doing it. Maybe having this label of having so many good people is hurting us because maybe people are standing around waiting for someone else to do it, or kind of expecting that someone else is going to come in and make the play instead of people going out and manning up and making (the plays) themselves. It's hard to say what it is right now, but whatever it is, we need to get it fixed."

On whether the team needs to learn how to become confident in order to win: "Yeah, it's something that we have to learn, especially with so many new faces in here and so many new additions. We have to learn how to do it. Success just doesn't come easy. You have to expect it and once you get it, you have to keep rolling with it. You have to keep it coming; you can't get happy or complacent once you get a little bit of it. I think that's what we're doing. Whether we start slow or we start late – whatever it is – we have to get it fixed and then we'll start playing good. Then, it's like everybody thinks 'oh yeah, we have it now' and then, you know, we let it fall at the end. It's going to be up to us to get it together and expect to play four quarters of good football."

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On if he feels team toughness is a main attribution to holding a fourth quarter lead: "The fourth quarter is all about heart and we have that. We can't let the other teams get the momentum at all…Our issue right now is we are unable to close out games. We have to be able to close out games. You can't come into that last quarter and not be able to pull it out, especially when you're winning."

On his opinion of Juan Castillo and the job he has done with coaching the defense so far this season: "Obviously he's trying to put out his best. This is his first year with a defense that he didn't get an offseason with. Everybody is sticking by Juan and the calls he is making and everything like that. No one is pointing fingers; no one is getting on Juan at all—not in here, anyway. We're sticking behind Juan and we know we can play better as a defense, especially in the fourth quarter."

On whether he sensed any kind of a letdown when up 23-3: "Yeah, you can't be up 23-3 and then lose it. Even if you're not up 23-3, it's still the fourth quarter and we're up 17 or whatever it was. We kept saying in the huddle, 'its 23-17, if they don't score, we win.'…They drove down and did that run down the right side and got in—stuff like that can't happen. It's not good right now and everyone is embarrassed."

S Jarrad Page

On whether he's surprised that this team is 1-3 given the amount of talent on the roster:Being here and being at practice and seeing what happens on a day-to-day basis, yeah. It's a little strange, it's a little weird. I know how hard we work, I know how hard our guys are going every day in practice and trying to make sure that things are right, so when stuff is going this way, you know, that's why I say it's something that we have to sit down and we have to really figure it out. I don't think it's a lack of effort. We just have to take advantage of times when we have opportunities to make plays, when we have opportunities to get off the field and we've got to stop them from getting explosive plays. When they get plays that take up a huge chunk of yards on us, that kills you. It kind of ruins everything you've done up to that point. It's wasted."

On the conversations in the huddle and whether there's confusion there: "No, like I said, we're not cutting on the film and it's the same thing every week. It's something here or something there, and we have to take away those something here's and something there's. We have to eliminate them."

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