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G Brandon Carter Scouting Report

G Brandon Carter, Texas Tech
Pos. Rank: 9Grade: 6th RoundHeight: 6-5 1/2Weight: 32940: 5.34Year: 5-Sr.

The Good: Massive small area blocker who easily dominates opponents. Quick off the snap, drives defenders off the line and gets movement run blocking. Strong enough to push opponents to the ground or engulf them altogether. Immediately sets up in pass protection, gets his hands into defenders and effective when he bends his knees and blocks with leverage. Tremendous jolt and pop at the point of attack. Plays with a nasty attitude, looking to hit as many people as possible during a single play. Keeps his head on a swivel. Surprisingly effective in motion.

The Bad: Not a natural knee bender. Rumbles about the field. A bit stiff. Over-extends into blocks and lacks balance.

The Verdict: Carter has been a headlining offensive lineman at Texas Tech for a variety of reasons. He offers a large amount of upside potential and could start on the NFL level if he focuses on the task at hand, blocks with consistent fundamentals, and really puts forth good effort.

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