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FS Brian Dawkins

On whether he was there for QB Donovan McNabb leading up to the birth of his twins: "I was always there for him in any case of anything happening. Obviously nothing serious happened and everybody is happy. It's a happy time. It's a very happy time. Now the party really begins for him."

On whether McNabb's family situation may have affected his play: "I can't make a comment for him, but I know that if I'm in that situation, I know how it could have or would have affected me, as far as being able to dial that completely out of your head. That would be tough."

On what the biggest advice is that he could give McNabb right now: "Help (jokingly). No, it's just a lot of fun. It really is. Along with the children that I already have, to have two little ones introduced into the house, it's a tremendous experience, it really is. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot of work, but it's a lot of fun."

On tying Harold Carmichael's record for games played in Eagles history if he plays against the Giants: "I guess I'm a little different. Those things do mean a lot to me, it's just hard to kind of celebrate them because you're still in the midst of a tough season and in the midst of a career. It's really hard to celebrate them, but yes, those things are huge for me. To know that is an accomplishment that—many individuals have come through this organization wearing a couple of different greens. To know that I will be the one standing, Lord willing, to have played the most games for this organization, is a huge accomplishment for me. To know I'm finally jumping over Harold is even a bigger one."

On whether he was in the loop about McNabb having twins as it was happening: "Yes, I found out. I don't know about 'as it was happening,' but I found out. It's a very exciting time. It really is. In the midst of all the turmoil or situations that may be going on outside of the household or some of the things that may have happened inside—I'm talking about my household, anyway, with the complications. When those babies are born and everybody is healthy, it is such a blessing. It is such a burden off of your shoulders. It's such a release of new-found energy that you really get from that type of life being brought into your household."

On how tough it is to be a football player and a father: "The hours are sometimes long hours away, I'll just say that. To have an understanding woman like I have in Connie, and the help that we have, is a great benefit. But it is tough at times, because sometimes I'm away from seeing my son's ballgames or being there for some of the twins' first events is kind of tough. That's the nature of what I do."

On whether he thought about the fact that this could be the last time he plays at Giants Stadium: "No, I'm not thinking about the last game in Giants Stadium. I wasn't even paying attention until you mentioned it. Before the season I thought about it and it pops up periodically during the season. When you're going through what we're going through and clawing and scratching and biting and trying to climb out of this hole we have dug ourselves into, you don't have time to think about those things. All of my energy and focus is on the task at hand and the task at hand is the Giants right now."

On whether he worries about players pressing too hard to make plays: "No. This is hopefully not just being naïve, but I believe that time is past us. I believe we tried and pressed so long that we're going to just play now. I think you saw the results of that in the start of that Cardinals game. I really do believe that."

On whether the team is looser now: "I think we tried the other way and it didn't work. I think we are going to continue to try the way we're on right now. Hopefully it will be the success story we need from this game and on."

On whether the defense took it personally allowing 219 rushing yards against the Giants in their first meeting: "Obviously, you are going to take it personally. We did after that game. The thing that you do, and we've always said this as kind of a cliché thing. You look at those things and try to learn from them. We saw the things they are going to try to do against us again. We are going to have to stop them. We saw mistakes that we made, mentally, that assisted in the big gainers that they had. We believe that we are capable of doing a much better job and we are anticipating doing a much better job. We know it's going to be tough, we know it's going to be physical, which we expect, which I enjoy. But, we definitely feel like we're going to be up for the challenge."

On why the team has been able to play so well at the end of the season in recent years: "I have no idea. I wish I knew the answer to that. I wish there was something that we could tap into the mindset, mentality, and feel of the push at the end and plug that into the beginning to play that way throughout. For whatever reason, we make mistakes, we're tight, we are pressing to do things like we talked about earlier. Later on in the season, none of those things even matter. We just go out and flat out play. You're not thinking, you're not wondering, you're not supposing. You are just going out and playing. That's where we are right now. I like the feel in the locker room, I really do."

On whether he thinks the luck will turn in their favor against the Giants: "Hopefully we won't have to lean on luck. Hopefully we'll be able to make the plays presented our way and not make mental mistakes and play a certain brand of ball—physical—that warrants us to go up into a tough, tough venue and get a victory. If luck comes in, come on, but hopefully we won't need luck."

On how hard it is to not be distracted by thoughts of next season: "What's our record again? I think that's enough. It would be a lot easier to let your mind wander and do those things if we were, let's say, the Giants and everything's pretty much locked up. You may have a tendency to let your mind wander a little bit. I have no room to let my mind wander anywhere besides that big offensive line and those big backs coming my way. That's what I'm thinking about right now."

On whether it's easier to stop the Giants running game when they don't have Plaxico Burress: "I don't know if I would say 'easier.' Plax definitely brought a weapon to that offense that is unique in his ability to create problems, sometimes. But, the bottom line is that offensive line has been together forever, they know what they're going to run, they're very good at what they run, the backs know how the offensive line blocks and so (QB) Eli (Manning) is much better at getting the line protection and running the ball when he needs to run it and throwing it when he needs to throw it. It's about executing. It's about not staying blocked. It's about having a relentless attitude and being able to last and win that fourth quarter, which we haven't done against this team in a long time."

On LB Akeem Jordan's play: "I think what you've seen, and what you will continue to see, is he is a very, very athletic young man. He has speed and he's a guy whose playmaking ability on the ball is tremendous. You haven't seen that, but you will. The more he's in that lineup and getting used to the position, where he needs to be and knowing where he needs to be, then you'll see his playmaking potential be able to shine a lot more."

On where he's seen Jordan's playmaking ability: "You see it at practice. It's just plays where, usually a young person will lock onto his man and that man may be a decoy route to take him out of position, to take him out of the play. If you're a veteran guy, you can kind of feel that that's a decoy route. You don't take the decoy route and you can cheat the other way and make a play back inside, instead of just running to the flat with your man. Those are some of the things that you see from him because he just lets his instincts go and he's not thinking out there."

On whether he thinks the Burress situation will affect the Giants as a team: "I don't' know. That's really not a concern of ours; a concern of mine. I think they have a head coach (Tom Coughlin) that has always been straight forward and is good being straight forward with them. I think they have enough leadership on that team to be able to do what they did this past weekend if we don't come to play ball; that's capitalize on mistakes, make big plays when they're presented and continue to win if we don't come up there to play ball. We're not even counting on anything, but our play, to help us win this football game."

On whether he has any personal motivation knowing that this could be his last year: "I don't know how it could not be, but I would love to tell you that the final game of this season, I would want it to be one special way and that's carrying a trophy out with a ring. My focus, my attitude, my thoughts, my everything is leaning towards that. Being that this could be my last, that may sprinkle a little something on top of it, but truly everything inside of me is leaning towards giving what I have for this team and being what I can be for the rest of these games. Whatever that takes out of me, it takes out of me, but that's what I'm trying to do for this team. Hopefully, that will be enough so that we can be that last team standing. It's not going to be easy; we know that, we dug ourselves a big hole. But, like I said, I love what I'm feeling from this locker room right now."

On New York WR Domenik Hixon: "He's a guy who can make plays. He made a couple of catches this past week. He's a downfield threat, obviously, for this team. I think, more so than anything, just the fact of their ability to run the football, and the way they run the football doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on the receivers. Not that they can't get it done, but, when you have a running attack like that, it doesn't put a whole lot of pressure on the receivers and quarterback to win every game. That being said, I think that, that will force him to be able to, not ease his way into the position because he still has to be on the field and make plays, but not feel like the 'world is on my shoulders,' and that 'I have to go out onto the field and make big plays' because they have a running attack to lean on."

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