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Final Items From League Meeting

The Eagles were among the 28 teams that voted for the new modified playoff overtime. And it appears the owner Jeffrey Lurie is in favor of expanding the new overtime rule to include the regular season.

Although any discussion or even a vote on using the new OT system in the regular season will not occur until the owners meetings in Dallas in May, Lurie indicated his preference in a recent article.

"It's a better system, so why not have a better system every game?" Lurie said of expanding the new OT rule that allows a team losing the coin toss and allowing a field goal on the first series to then have a possession.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league wants to meet with the players and television networks for some input and further discuss the ramifications of expanding the OT change.

"We had a proposal for the postseason, we passed that with the understanding that it'll be discussed for the regular season," Goodell said.

Another hot topic for Goodell has to do with scheduling. He said at the end of last season that he was concerned about teams not playing their regulars after clinching titles and is hopeful different scheduling would help avoid that issue.

In an effort to have teams use their top players through the final games of the season, the NFL is considering making the last week -- and possibly weeks -- consist of all divisional matchups, according to senior writer Steve Wyche.

The Eagles and Cowboys have met in the final week of the regular season the last two years and both contests had playoff implications. Last season, the NFC East title and playoff seeding was on the line as the two teams met on Dallas' home turf in Week 17. And in 2008, the final spot in the NFC postseason was decided in the regular-season finale, which was won by Philadelphia.

In that 2008 season, Philadelphia played three divisional games over the final four weeks and all three games were critical to the team making the playoffs that year.

The 2010 schedule will be released in April.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 10:33 a.m., March 25

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