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Eagles Locker Room: Offense


On if this was his best game yet: "Probably my most complete game. Obviously I'm still upset about that one drop that I had. It probably would've been a touchdown. I want to make plays for this team whether it's in the pass game or the run game. I think I was able to do that tonight. Hopefully instill some more trust in the coaches and myself. All that matters is the win, and hopefully we just continue to do that."

On if he was happy with the matchups he got against the Colts: "Yeah, I want to excel in any matchup that I get each and every week. I was able to make the most of my opportunities on a lot of plays. Nick (Foles) and the o-line did a heck of a job. LeSean (McCoy) and Darren (Sproles), I don't have enough good things to say about those guys. They helped me a lot."

On what they were seeing from the Colts defensively: "They were mixing it up a lot actually. A lot of man coverage. A lot of two high coverage. A lot of cover three zone. They did a great job tonight, and they're a great team."

On having two consecutive double digit comebacks and what that shows about the offensive unit: "I think it says that we are resilient. We're not going to overreact to maybe getting stopped. We know the potency of this offense and all the explosive players that we do have between the running backs, the receivers, and the tight ends. I think all it really comes down to is staying calm."


On what running back Darren Sproles has brought to the team: "He's just so versatile. You see what he does out there, catching the ball in the back field, running the ball in the back field, his screen game, special teams. He can do so many things, and the thing I love most about him is he's a great teammate. The guys love him. He's great in the locker room. He's a guy you can depend on, and he's been a great addition to our team."

On whether he realized how good of a player Sproles was before this year: "I used to always play with him on the video games back in the day, so yeah, I know what he can do. He got me a lot of points when I played with him, but he's a talented guy. He's very, very talented. We've just got to make sure we keep getting him the ball where he can keep doing the things he does. That was an extremely, extremely good Colts team tonight, and hats off to them. They're a great team, great leadership. Hats off to them tonight."

On what he saw in Sproles on the long third down runs: "Just seeing him play coverage, it just came down to execution. Our linemen did a great job getting out there and sealing off some blocks, and our running backs did a great job of hitting the hole and making the play after the run, so definitely some big plays."

On what the last drive of the game defined for the team: "I think it was just a great team win. Facing adversity, we've definitely faced our fair share these past two weeks, and the guys stuck together. Defense made big plays, special teams, and offense, we've started to get things going. That's huge. The two-minute drive at the end of the game, and then having Cody Parkey go in there and not only kick one but kick two field goals. It just shows what kind of guy he is, what kind of kicker we have, so it was a great team win. I'm really proud of my teammates."

On the third down reception that Zarch Ertz made that resulted in the touchdown from running back LeSean McCoy: "Zach has been doing a great job since he got here, really getting open, running good routes. He's a big target, and he can make the catch any which way. If it's at his shoelaces, he's going to make the catch, and he does a really good job of that. And I have good protection to get the ball out, and the other guys are doing their job to run routes to move the defense. It was definitely a big play in the game."

On the difference between the first half and the second half: "We have to make sure, especially on the road that we get touchdowns in the red zone and we just didn't capitalize. We didn't execute in the red zone. I need to do a better job of that. Especially on the road, you have to capitalize and get touchdowns in the red zone, but when we got back in there we made the most of our opportunities and we got some touchdowns that put some more points on the board and eventually scored more than they did."

On whether it's good to be a comeback team: "I mean, it's good to have that in your arsenal that you know that your team can stick together through adversity. Do you want to go down like this every single week? I mean, if that's what it takes, we'll do it, but we need to play better football in the first half offensively. Our defense is doing a great job. So we really need to get things going and that's something that we'll work on this week and something that we'll look to improve. There's a lot of stuff that, even though we won like we did, that's a great team, there's a lot of stuff to improve on. That's the exciting thing for us, we need to improve."

On whether there was something identifiable between the two halves: "I missed some throws. I missed some throws that could have really helped us out and if I hit those throws, it will shorten the chains. We'll get inside the chains. I feel like we can capitalize on that. I need to be a little more accurate, give my guys the opportunity to catch the ball and run with it. I think we'll be in good shape."

On whether he said anything to the offense at halftime: "I'm so fortunate to have great guys in our locker room. When the offense came together knowing that we had that drive, it's a great offense to play for because guys just look at each other and say, 'Hey let's go do this.' That's what I love about them. Everybody had that determined look in their eye and everybody was relaxed. I think the big thing in that instance is don't tense up, let's just go out there and play. Let's play the football we know how to. We don't need to do anything crazy, let's just execute our offense, get down the field. If we score a touchdown, great, but let's just get in field goal range and let Cody (Parkey) knock it through."

On what it means to out-duel Andrew Luck: "Andrew is an outstanding quarterback. He's an outstanding leader and he will be for as long as he wants to play this game. It was a great team win tonight. I always love playing against Andrew and know what kind of guy he is. It was a great team win tonight."

On how offensive linemen Dennis Kelly and Andrew Gardner performed: "I thought the offensive line did an outstanding job. Those guys fight each and every down, no matter who's in there and they give me the opportunity to drop back and throw the ball. I love those guys and they really opened up some seams for our run game and they fight every single down. I love them."

On his own performance: "I think that I can definitely play better. I think that I missed some throws that I need to hit, but at the end of the day, we just have to keep playing as a team. I know that my teammates depend on me and I am going to continue to improve. I'm going to work each and every day. We have a great quarterback room. We have a great quarterback coach, Coach (Bill) Musgrave that's really going to push me. There's a lot of room for improvement and I just have to take it one day at a time. I'm really excited that we got this win because it's a big one and now we just have to recover and get going again because we have a short week."


On two double digit comebacks and how it feels: "It feels good. Obviously you don't want it to come down to that. I think that with how hard we work throughout the week I think we are built for stuff like that. Obviously we want to get off to a faster start, but it was good that we got the win."

On Darren Sproles: "He can make some plays. I think we have two guys that are very explosive back there. They open up things for a lot of us other guys."

On Darren Sproles bouncing off people on the long touchdown run: "Got to wrap up. You've got to wrap up in this league. He may be small, but he runs hard, and he's kind of built. Not only is he quick but he's got a little power behind him too."

On his touchdown play: "It was just a man beater. They were in man-to-man, so we just ran some guys crossing routes and got open."


On whether it's good to be called a comeback team: "I don't know, but I will say this, I will say it's actually good to come back and win because everything is not always going to be great or right. There are going to be times when we'll need to come back, and I think those are kind of championship teams. Teams that will fight back and win. Every game shouldn't be like that. We don't plan to, but we need to have that fight to get back sometimes."

On what went through his mind when kicker Cody Parkey had to re-do the game-winning kick: "We do this all the time with special teams in practice. He's a confident kicker. He's pretty good, so I was like, 'Go do it again,' and he did it again."

On whether he minds losing a few carries to running back Darren Sproles: "To be honest, he's helping me out. Without Sproles, we'd be in some trouble. I need to get my thing together. I feel like I'm not playing to my level where I should be playing. Tonight it was an average, above average game where he carried us again. It's good to have that because when you get that type of attention from the defense, other guys are making plays, and he's doing it. I don't mind at all, and the other thing is I don't feel as tired or as beat up. I had about 20 carries, two passes, not too many carries, just enough to be effective."

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