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DT Derek Landri

Opening Remarks: "I'm happy to be back as an Eagle. It took a little while but glad we got it done. I want to thank (chairman/CEO) Mr. (Jeffrey) Lurie, (head coach) Coach (Andy) Reid, and (defensive line coach) Jim Washburn who helped me through the process and we got a deal done. I'm happy to be back."

On whether he wanted a long-term deal: "Yeah, it fluctuated a lot. It started off pretty good and a few guys got some nice things. I would have like to have a long-term contract, and we actually had something done about a week and a half ago and then JP (left tackle Jason Peters) had that unfortunate accident and kind of threw a wrench in it for me. I actually thought I wasn't going to be back there, but both sides had cool heads and we wound up getting something done."

On the deal falling through after Peters injury: "Yeah, not necessarily a long-term, four or five-year deal but it wasn't necessarily a one-year deal under much different circumstances. We were able to still work through things and get something done."

On why he still came back when the long-term deal fell through: "Just the opportunity to play under Coach Reid, Coach Washburn, and the d-line. It's a group unlike any other I've been around, collegiate or professionally, and it's a group you want to play for and play with. That's the biggest pull.

"As far as the organization, it's the best organization that I've been around. After talking with other guys in the NFL and what I've heard about other organizations, they don't really hold a candle. Those kind of are the big factors as to why I came back to Philadelphia. From what my wife reads to me and my family sending me stuff, I guess I have a pretty big fan base out there, too, and that kind of draws you back a little bit."

On whether he has any hard feelings: "No, it's a business and you can't let something like that pull you down. Don't believe for a second that I won't use that as far as the way I play football."

On whether he has concerns about playing time because of depth on the defensive line: "No, I'm a ballplayer and not a worrier or a business guy right now. Maybe after I'm done playing football, I'll worry about business or the way everything fits in. I'm a ball player and I'll just go out and play football as hard as I can for as long as I can, and whatever happens, happens."

On the defensive tackle group: "We were the best defensive line in the NFL last year. We have potential to be better than we were last year, and we left a few things on the table last year. I'm not satisfied at all with the outcome, and I decided to come back and be a part of it."

On other visits he made: "I didn't make any visits. We had initially a price we were setting and we lowered it as the market settled. At any given time, (we were talking to) five or six teams."

On whether the Eagles wanted to get the long-term deal done: "I'm not sure. I'm just a ballplayer here, and that's something you'll have to ask the front office. I just know that I wanted to be a part of the Eagles and they wanted me a part of it. I get an opportunity to play for them for another year. That's going to work out for a long-term thing if I prove to them that I can play at a high level, and we'll probably meet on that road when we get there."

On whether playing for Washburn and his pass rushing style affected his decision: "I think Coach Wash, first of all, wants what is best for his players. He wants his players to be ballplayers and doesn't want them to be machines. His system allows you to be ballplayers. He coaches harder than any coach I've ever been around and expects more out of us than any coach I've been around. At the same time, he respects us and cares for us as ballplayers and people. It makes a big difference."

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