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Dorenbos Thrilled With Pro Bowl Honor

David Akers is going to have his long snapper in Miami with him.

Eagles' long snapper Jon Dorenbos was named to the NFC Pro Bowl roster as a need player, marking Dorenbos' first Pro Bowl berth and making him the seventh Eagle to be named to the Pro Bowl this season. Along with Akers, Dorenbos joins defensive end Trent Cole, wide receiver DeSean Jackson, left tackle Jason Peters, cornerback Asante Samuel and fullback Leonard Weaver.

"Of course I'm shocked," Dorenbos said. "There (are) a lot of good snappers, a lot of deserving snappers too. So this is what every kid dreams about. I'm going to the NFL all-star game. You play football as a kid dreaming of this, so it's pretty sick.

"I had the opportunity to snap for punters and kickers that have been to the Pro Bowl without me snapping to them. So to have a kicker actually go the year that I snap, that's the ultimate compliment. And now to be able to go with Dave, I mean, it's just going to seal the deal."

Dorenbos came to the Eagles during the 2006 season, after spending time with both the Buffalo Bills and the Tennessee Titans. Since arriving, he's played every game for the Eagles and is signed through the 2012 season.

"I kind of consider that there's like a (52)-man roster and then I'm like that tagalong guy so I never expected this," he said. "It's an honor. It was kind of cool, Donovan (McNabb), and a bunch of the guys, (Brian) Westbrook, and Akers and Sav (Rocca) and a lot of teammates kind of shot me some texts and said congratulations."

Dorenbos said that the biggest change in his game over the past few years has been his mental toughness.

"No question, kind of mental growth and maturity as a player," he said. "I used to worry about so much in my younger years, so many things that are out of my control, that as soon as I kind of realized, 'Hey, get ride of all the clutter all the things that in this job that I can't control and just worry about the things that I can,' then hopefully by focusing on those and improving those things that I can control, it will influence people around me to keep me here longer."

Dorenbos has overcome a lot to get where he is today. At a very young age, Dorenbos endured the murder of his mother by his father. So when he got word of his Pro Bowl nod, the first person he called was his grandfather Roy Surprenant, or "Poppy."

"I cried last night in the garage and I called my grandpa," Dorenbos said. "When I first signed with UTEP, the first person I called was my grandpa ... my grandpa and (me) are buddies. For us to look back on the road that our whole family's had to this point is unbelievable man.

"A lot of people did a lot for me to be here, so it's a very proud moment that they can look at me and be proud of the things they did for me."

To ease his mind growing up, Dorenbos took up magic. He became so good at his second craft that he has performed magic shows in Las Vegas and Hollywood. So Dorenbos will have a brand new audience in Miami with a locker room full of new teammates.

"The magic man will be out in full form," he said.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 2:13 p.m., January 20

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