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Does Offense Have Enough Weapons?

What comes around ... We're two weeks from the draft, after which we are going to have a chance to evaluate a near-complete Eagles roster. In the meantime, we talk about what the Eagles need, what might be on their wish list, what pieces the can add to put the roster over the top.

And it comes down, once again, to offense. To the weapons. To the pieces around Donovan McNabb. To McNabb himself. To the structure of the Eagles' offense as it enters the 11th season with Andy Reid at the helm.

Do the Eagles have enough?

The answer is no, because they haven't won a Super Bowl. Until that happens, hey, it isn't fair to say that there is enough anywhere. The Eagles scored a franchise-record number of points last season, but we all know they had too many critical breakdowns in the red zone and in opponents' territory.

The offense has had some changes since the 2008 season ended. The offensive line has a major overhaul, with a new set of tackles and some pieces moving around. Stacy Andrews, the prize signing in free agency, holds enormous promise. He is working hard toward his recovery from knee surgery and the next step will get with line coach Juan Castillo to learn his technique and what Castillo demands.

The Eagles are hoping to be much, much better up front than they were last year with the addition of Andrews and the re-emergence of Shawn Andrews, a Pro Bowl talent who was sidetracked by injury last year. And, yeah, there is a chance -- if you believe the pre-draft predictions, a very good chance -- that the Eagles will address the line early on April 25.

Who knows what they will do? Who knows what direction the draft waves will take Reid and the Eagles?

The Eagles have a good group of pieces around McNabb. Brian Westbrook is healthy and eager to again be one of the best running backs in the league. Kevin Curtis and DeSean Jackson head up a good group of receivers. Brent Celek is an improving tight end who came on big at the end of his second season. Leonard Weaver, another starter signed in free agency, adds a dimension at fullback the Eagles haven't had in many years.

It is a strong group of players who will touch the ball on offense. And it can get better. And it will get better.

The draft is around the corner. The Eagles can go in so many different directions, and no doubt that offense will certainly be part of the equation. The Eagles, if the pre-draft thoughts come true, will replace L.J. Smith with a young, talented, hungry player. At running back, they will replace Correll Buckhalter with a highly-talented player who is eight years younger than Buckhalter and who has the kind of skills Reid covets to add to the offense. Greg Lewis and his game are in New England, and the Eagles could very well bring in a player who is better, more complete and a more explosive element in all phases.

The expectations are agonizing. The Eagles have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks. They have positions to make better, a team to improve. And at the end of the draft, the questions about the offense will largely be answered, at least on paper.

Do the Eagles have enough on offense? They have a good group, no doubt about it. They are going to get better. They must get better. And they will. And that is the exciting part, to see how, where and why the Eagles improve the offense on draft weekend.

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