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Dion Lewis Conference Call

On whether he has talked to McCoy today: "No, I haven't talked to him yet today."

On his initial reaction about getting reunited with McCoy and whether it's a dream come true: "You know, he's great. He's a great guy and I look up to him. He's a great back so it's going to be great to be back with him."

On whether McCoy was influential in him attending Pittsburgh: "He was really influential. Obviously, he did great there and he talked highly about Pittsburgh and their coaches and I trusted his word."

On whether he had a chance to talk to McCoy over the last year and what he has told him about being an NFL running back: "We talked a lot. I actually worked out with him down in Miami when I was down there working out getting ready for the combine and stuff. And he was just giving me hints; you have to work hard. The Eagles are a great organization. He told me how he loves everything about the Eagles and he told me some good stuff."

On how he sees himself fitting into the running back mix in Philadelphia: "They like to get their guys in space. Last year, they got Shady in a lot of screens so he can make plays. And I'm the type of back that could do some of the same things; if I get the ball I know I can make something happen."

On whether he did any kickoff or punt returns while at Pittsburgh: "No, I didn't, but I'm more than welcome to do that."

On his knowledge about the West Coast Offense: "Yeah, like again I said, they like to get their running backs involved in space. They have [QB] Michael Vick. They have [wide] receivers DeSean Jackson and [Jeremy] Maclin that can stretch the field and it gives the running back a lot of space when he does get the ball. So it's a great fit for me."

On whether he knew the Eagles were targeting him: "I had worked out for them and had talked to them a couple times a little bit. But it's just all surreal right now."

On whether he was disappointed that he wasn't drafted earlier: "I had high hopes. I wanted to go a little earlier [because] I felt my talent level could work, but I'm going to take it with a grain of salt. Coming out of high school I didn't have a lot of school's wanting me. So I've been here before and I'm just going to take advantage of this opportunity."

On where he is from: "I'm from Albany, New York."

On whether he thinks it will be helpful to have McCoy in training camp to show him the ropes: "It's going to be good having a guy like Shady; a guy that I'm familiar with and a guy I know. He's going to help me out. He's going to be able to help me out and get used to some things, go over the playbook with him and things like that. So it's good to have somebody that you know in the same backfield."

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