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Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson

On what effect the Philadelphia Phillies championship has on the Eagles: "That was fun to watch. I didn't see the whole thing, I didn't want to watch the ninth inning, hoping they were winning. It was very emotional and you get caught up in it, no question. I know our players did too. It was great for this city. I'm sure that parade tomorrow will be great too. You could tell the players were emotional and you could tell the coaches were emotional, so it was a great time for Philadelphia."

On whether players on the Eagles can get inspired by the Phillies: "I hope it inspires them for this weekend. We've got to win this weekend. It's the old thing, one game at a time. We know how Philadelphia is, we know what a passionate city it is and how much they want to win. I know the players want to win and the coaches too. It was great to see and it was great enthusiasm, but we still have to play Seattle this weekend."

On whether coaches feel pressure to win a title: "We feel pressure to win. You want to win for the city, you want to win for the organization and the players want to win. You always want to win. I don't think it's pressure. It's one of those challenges. That's our goal, is to get there every year; to get to the playoffs, to get to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl. We've had a taste. We've come close. It's always been that disappointment, but that's part of the game as far as the pressure of just getting there. But, we don't feel extra pressure, I don't think."

On what Seattle QB Seneca Wallace does differently that a defense needs to prepare for: "He's a great scrambler. I'm not sure we've faced a faster quarterback that I can remember for a while. He's got great speed and can get outside of the pocket. He did it last week against the 49ers. He's a little bit different quarterback than the drop-back quarterback. He's a quarterback that can hurt you getting outside. He's an excellent athlete and has very good speed. I don't think we've faced a quarterback since (QB) Michael Vick where we really had a concern about containment and stuff like that."

On whether Wallace is similar in playing style to Tampa Bay QB Jeff Garcia: "Yeah. A faster Jeff Garcia, but that type of a scrambler, yeah."

On what type of defense works well against that type of quarterback: "I think all you can do is emphasize the containment of this guy, with that type of ability. Like I said, he hurt the 49ers last week. We haven't seen a lot of him this year. We've only seen a couple games. In the one against Tampa, they we're behind a little bit. They're very capable of making plays, so we'll see if we can do a good job on him."

On the increased turnover numbers from this time last year: "Hopefully, we have. I think you never know when they're going to come. They come in bunches and then all of the sudden you get a little drop. The thing about it is, just like the other day, those are two great interceptions (by CBs Asante Samuel and Lito Sheppard vs. Atlanta). Turnovers come from guys making great plays and pressure. Those two last week are a combination of pressure and two great interceptions by two great corners. I'd like to see our linebackers get more turnovers and we've challenged them to do that; some interceptions and such. Hopefully, we keep it going and, hopefully, that pressure continues; the turnovers and guys keep making great plays. It's a big part of the game, no question."

On whether the increased turnovers are a result of emphasizing them more this year: "I think it's a combination. We've probably emphasized them more. You've been out there, we've emphasized them more, getting around the ball, picking up the ball, but also, having the right player. You've got a guy like Asante and Lito's always been that kind of guy. And, I'm surprised (CB) Sheldon (Brown) hasn't had a couple because he's a playmaker too. (FS Brian) Dawkins is the same way. Hopefully, we do continue that."

On having several players with multiple sacks and what type of challenge that presents to an offense: "I hope it's a challenge. You cans see that we're getting pressure off of some of our pressure packages, but also now we're getting pressure out of (DE Darren) Howard, pressure out of (DE Juqua Parker) J.P., and (DE) Trent (Cole) will still get his. It's nice that way. It eliminates a lot of double teams."

On whether he can blitz less when getting so much pressure out of the defensive line: "Yeah, but we're still that type of team. We're still going to be aggressive."

On Seattle TE John Carlson and what he brings to the offense: "He's a receiving tight end, no question about it; Carlson from Notre Dame. He's a big target and it looks like quarterbacks have confidence in him. Again, I've always felt about a tight end that, as long as he doesn't get the big passes on you, you're okay. We'll, hopefully, have some good matchups again and we'll do a good job. That's hard to say."

On what the rush defense did against Atlanta that they had been lacking in previous games: "Better tackling and better gap control. Simple as that."

On what type of challenge a versatile player like DE Darren Howard presents to an offense: "As far as a defensive end playing defensive tackle? Right now, we've got four ends in there right now. We count (DE) Victor (Abiamiri) as an end too, so, in our dime package, we've got four ends. Of course, the Giants do it a little bit and we've done it before. The thing about it is they're a nice size, they're a good size. You take Victor, a good 6-4 or 6-5, and Howard is 6-5. I expect victor to get better. I'm not sure he's there yet. Hopefully, we get more production out of him, but it's nice to have that."

On Seattle FB Leonard Weaver: "Excellent fullback. He might be as good a fullback as we face for a while. They use him as far as running, as a one-back, he's got good hands and is a good blocker. Like I said, I think he's one of the best full backs we'll face in a while."

On how Seattle uses Weaver in the offense: "They use him as a running back too. He's a pure runner too."

On how LB Chris Gocong is progressing: "He had an excellent game last Sunday. What we expected out of Chris is a guy that can get to the passer. He's shown that at times. I think he's still learning the position, as far as a SAM linebacker. He played well last week. I've talked about consistency before, as far as his defense. I'd like to see Chris be that consistent linebacker and play like he did last week. He had an excellent game last week and he can be a productive guy. He's got good speed and he's a good size linebacker. Hopefully, he just keeps getting better. I think he will."

On what he means by consistency: "As far as drops, as far as pass coverage, as far as making a play on the ball and interceptions, as far as, when we do blitz him, we make something happen. I would like to see that more out of our 'backers."

On whether anything has changed recently with Seattle's running game: "No, they haven't changed that much."

On what Seattle is doing to improve their running game: "I think anytime you have those injuries, you have a different quarterback, you've got a few guys nicked up including tight ends and stuff like that, it affects the timing of everything; the passing game and the running game a little bit. We know (RB Julius) Jones is a very capable running back, from the Cowboys. He can break the long one and he's still a downhill runner. I just think it's been one of those situations where they got behind a little bit and, all of the sudden, you can't (run). If they get ahead, they're going to run the football. They got behind against the Giants and Tampa and they had to throw the football, but I still think they would like to run the football."

On how Lito Sheppard's performance vs. Atlanta will affect how he is used in future games: "It won't affect anything. The only effects are the personnel on the field."

On whether he doesn't use strong side linebackers as much to cover tight ends anymore: "We have. You probably haven't noticed quite as much, but we still do. We played more of an under front when (former Eagle LB) Carlos (Emmons) was here. He was lined up more where the tight end does. Chris has done it a little bit over there, but he's back off inside. It just varies from game to game. We're more nickel and dime against our tight ends too."

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