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DE Hunt, WR Smith, QB Vick

DE Phillip Hunt

On whether he's excited to be able to get an opportunity to play in the NFL: "Oh yeah, most definitely. The opportunity has presented itself and I have to make the most of it and make plays and do what I have to do to be a legitimate guy in this league."

On whether he thought it would be tough to make the team out of training camp: "No, I didn't have any thoughts. All I had every day was coming to work, working hard, putting my best foot forward and letting the results come how they will."

On whether he feels that the style of the Eagles defense suits his style of play: "It does. You know, they want us to get up field and attack and I can do that. I have a good get off and I'm good at doing what they want us to do, and that's hitting the quarterback."

On whether it was difficult to watch his teammates get after the quarterback in the first game being on the sideline: "No it wasn't difficult, because my teammates, they're my friends, too. So I like to see them do well. So when (DE Darryl) Tapp and everybody else, (DE Jason) Babin, was getting those sacks I was on the sideline cheering them on; even when (DE) Juqua (Parker) ran it for a touchdown, I was on the sidelines running along side him. So it was a great time last weekend. I look to implement a few of those things that they did last week."

On how it felt to be on a NFL sideline: "Oh yeah, it was loud in that stadium. The Rams fans had it rocking, and it had my adrenaline flowing just standing there. So it was a nice opportunity just to even be on the sideline and be in that atmosphere."

WR Steve Smith

On whether he thinks he will be able to contribute to the offense: "I definitely think I can contribute. Like you said, we have so many weapons and it's hard to get everyone the ball, but the coaches have been doing a good job of getting me reps, and learn this offense which is key."

On how his role has expanded since joining the team: "I've been taking a lot of reps and I've gotten the offense down pretty well. It's different when you're in the huddle hearing it with (QB) Mike (Vick) and you have to get out there fast. So I think they've been very helpful."

On whether going from one dome to another dome and practicing with crowd noise helps them: "Oh yeah, it's a help, definitely, because you have to get in the huddle close and hear Mike talk. And you have to communicate so it's something that's going to help us."

On whether he thinks his ability to play on the outside or in the slot is going to help him: "Oh yeah, I mean, that's just another dimension, just another weapon defenses are going to have to worry about. And just, there are so many great players here, so hopefully they'll be able to get me (involved)."

On whether he is looking forward to his first reception with the Eagles: "Oh yeah, definitely. They've embraced me here, and you know, just helped me so much. And I'm excited, just happy to be playing, and now it's time for me to get that catch."

On whether there was an empty feeling last week playing but not getting the ball: "On no, I was just happy to be in the game. People thought I wasn't even going to be able to play. So I was just happy to be suited up."

QB Michael Vick

On whether having two back-to-back games in a dome helps improve their communication: "Yeah, I think it certainly helps the fact that we had some experience last week and had to open it up in a dome. So the crowd noise this week is just like a common thing for us now. You know, and it's really not going to be a factor. You know it's going to be loud in there and your concentration level has to be high."

On the conversation between him and C Jason Kelce after watching film together: "I mean, it's all about jelling and being on the same page and knowing exactly what's going on on the field. And it gives us a better chance at moving the ball, staying efficient, and the opportunity to score touchdowns."

On whether he has seen the offensive line gel and progress over the past couple of weeks: "Absolutely, I mean we've only been together for a month and a half, a little longer than that. But I think as far as our improvements, we've made them week-in and week-out and we're only getting better and getting more comfortable."

On his thoughts about the Falcons defense and their strengths: "They're a very aggressive defense. I think they have strengths in all areas, you know, the pass rush, and the linebackers doing their job (and) they cover well in the secondary. So it's just going to be about us executing, you know, tempoing in and out of the huddle and using our speed to try and create advantages."

On whether he thinks that the tight ends will continue to primarily be asked to block more: "I don't know. I think our coaches do a great job of putting guys in a position to make plays, and we have certain plays designed for certain guys. So our tight ends are great in the pass game and great in the run game and as far as pass protection. So like I said, it's enough balls to go around and our coaches do a great job of getting everybody involved."

On whether his heart is beating a little faster and whether he is excited to play on Sunday: "Absolutely, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited. But you just have to be able to know that it's a game that we have to get taken care of. And I'm excited about it, though. It's going to be great to go back to the dome, but at the same time our emotions have to be under control and you just have to be a pro about everything."

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