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Chip Kelly & Howie Roseman

Chip Kelly opening remarks: "Just made our selection in the third round; Bennie Logan, an interior defensive lineman from LSU. I think he's a great fit for us. Again, he is a versatile player. I think he can be a three-down player. He's six-two, he's 310 pounds and he's got 34-inch arms. Add some length in there, can push a pocket from the inside. He was a kind of guy we targeted as a second round pick for us and we were just kind of holding our breath there as he fell. I think he will be a great fit for (Defensive Coordinator) Billy Davis and for what he is going to do with those guys. Jerry Azzinaro, our defensive line coach, is real excited about him. So, we finished the night off with him and we're excited with where we are."

On whether Logan is more of an interior lineman or outside: CK: "We role play those guys a lot in practice. What we're really looking for is an interior player for us at this point in time."

On how having to coach against some of these players in this draft is helping him make selections: CK: "Zach (Ertz) a little bit more since he was in our league. We played Bennie two years ago in our opening game, but obviously, you really had to know where he was on the field. (LSU) had a great defensive team—him and (Barkevious) Mingo, Sam Montgomery and a couple other guys—the (Anthony) Johnson kid is back again and (Michael) Brockers was on that team, too, so they are well-known. We went down there and I think the one thing you know about the Southeastern Conference is defensive lineman and I think that's what sets it apart. I certainly did have a familiarity with him. It helps that you get to go against him, you see his mold and you see how hard he plays. It gives you a little bit of insight. When we got to the Combine and got the opportunity to interview, he is certainly someone I'd rather have on my side than go against him, I can tell you that."

On how much of an immediate resource Chip Kelly is for this draft: HR: "You talk about the opportunity to recruit a lot of these kids and know their background, play against them and see how they are in pregame. That's obviously a huge resource with Coach Kelly and his staff."

On how this draft process has been so far and how it has differed to the previous ones in which he was involved: HR: "It's been awesome. We're having a lot of fun up there and we're getting players that we really think are really good values and fit what we're looking to do. Hopefully we'll continue that tomorrow. Tomorrow is an important day for us, as well."

On whether he expected to get defense within the first couple of picks or was it a matter of just taking it as it comes: HR: "We were going to take the best player. We were going to go off of our board. That's why we spend nine months doing this. We're going to make sure we hit on the guys in the order that they come off. Going into it, I couldn't tell you if we were going defense or offense, because I didn't know how they were going to come off. We're really pleased with where we are right now and again, we have a big day tomorrow."

On how much the Eagles' draft board changed once Coach Kelly arrived: HR: "The board is a fluid process as you go, because obviously Coach came with us in January. You don't have the whole process done, you don't have the all-star games, you don't have the Combine, you don't have the interviews. That's a hard question to answer. It's going to change year-to-year because of that. When Coach got here and we went over the players, we found really quick where we were and it's been a fun process."

On getting younger and versatile at the defensive line position: HR: "We've got some other guys that have been here. You talk about a Cedric Thornton, Antonio Dixon, guys that are working really hard in the offseason program. They bring size, length, motor. So, get those young guys in here. We've got a heck of a defensive staff to get their opportunity to play for these guys. They've done a great job. So, we'll see if we can continue to add to that."

On where Logan lined up at LSU: HR: "He was a versatile player for them. They are multiple as well, so they were able to move him around. He could play very well. He's stout against the run. He can give you some inside pass rush. He can push the pocket. He can work the edges. So, he's an interesting guy (and) we feel fortunate to get him here."

On what sets Ertz apart from other vertical tight ends: CK: "I think what was evident in Zach is really just how (Stanford head coach) David Shaw used him and sometimes you're projecting tight ends because they always line up at 'Y' and then you only get to see them run down the middle of the field. But Zach literally lined up all over the place. He was a single receiver, he'd be the split end all by himself, he'd be a flanker, he'd be a 'Z' in motion. He'd also line up at tight end. So I think what David did with him there at Stanford is really utilize his versatility and you got to see it. So it wasn't a projection of, 'Hey, what can you do? Can you make Ertz a single receiver and kind of get a good match up with him.' You saw it game in and game out with him on film. The way Stanford utilizes their tight ends I think really kind of showcases their ability."

On whether Logan can be looked at as an interior pass rusher or primarily as a run stopper: CK: "We think he has the ability to be a three-down player. I think he's stout against the run but I also think on third down he can be an inside pass rusher for us. So that's what we really liked about him and getting him in (the third round), we were really fortunate. We had him in the second round and we were fortunate that he fell to us."

On whether there is a comfort level with taking players out of the Southeastern Conference: HR: "Well, when you're watching these guys, you want to watch them against the best competition. You want to watch them against guys that are eventually going to play on Sunday. So when you talk about guys from the Pac-12 and the SEC, you know those guys are going to play. That's why we watch them against the best competition. We're not watching them against guys that aren't going to play and that's why you get a better sense of what they're going to be."

On the trade market and whether Roseman has been compelled to trade back to get more picks: HR: "I think Coach (Kelly) is holding me back here a little bit (joking). For our position, we look at our board and we just see extreme value. When we're on the clock, we see guys that we didn't anticipate being there. We want to get good players and we want to stick to the board and it's just how it's worked out here in the first three picks."

On whether defensive coordinator Bill Davis was pushing the team to take a defensive player after spending the first two picks on the offensive side of the ball: CK: "I think everybody knows what we're trying to get accomplished here and that's to make our team better. I also know that defense wins championships. When we were fortunate enough to win championships at Oregon, our offense got a lot of credit, but I think our defense (was important). You look at guys getting drafted right now: (LB) Kiko Alonso got drafted, (LB) Dion Jordan got picked. Maybe we got a little bit more credit than we should have from an offensive standpoint, but we were pretty good on defense there and I know defense wins championships. We know that we're going to try to bring players in here. If you look at what we did in free agency, I think almost everybody we brought in besides (TE) James Casey was a defensive player. So, just the way it fell is the way it fell and you can't predict how it's going to go. But we feel like, as we keep going through this thing, what's best is we look at it and (whoever) is the highest ranked player is who we're going to take."

On whether the plan was to address the defense in free agency and the offense during the draft: CK: "No. I think that's kind of a silly approach to it. It's just (asking) what's the best way for you to make your team better and when we looked at free agency, there were some guys that we really kind of coveted and they happened to be defensive players. But we didn't say, 'Okay, because we've addressed some of this here, let's go the other way.' It's really, 'Let's look at what we've got.' I think we have two outstanding tight ends on our team right now but we thought that Zach (Ertz) could add some depth to us so that's kind of a prime example of us taking who we really believe is the best player out there."

On whether Kelly believes that heavier defensive linemen do not fit in his defense: CK: "No. We would take them. We just haven't identified someone. You just can't be big and not move. It's kind of a combination of both. (We'd consider it) if there was a Haloti Ngata out there who can move and who is 350 pounds, but there's not many human beings like that on this planet. I think everybody covets those type of people, but we feel like we got one in free agency in (Isaac Sopoaga) and we think Bennie (Logan) can be bigger. He's 310 now but I think he's got some growth potential to him. The same with guys in our program; I think Fletch (Cox) is going to get a little bit bigger as he gets older. The same with Cedric Thornton. You know our mentality: Big people beat up little people, so we're going to continue to try to find big people but they've got to be able to move a little bit too. They can't just stand there and be a statue in there. They've got to have some movement skills and be able to get off the blocks and make plays."

On whether there is any discussion in the draft room when it is time to make a pick or if the pick is made strictly on the draft board: HR: "Well, sometimes you look across the board and you have guys with the same grades, so you have a discussion based on those guys about who you think the best fit is for us at the particular time. But when there's clearly a guy that stands out on the board, we're going to take him."

On whether the players selected tonight have stood out on the draft board: HR: "Yes."

On whether it is surprising that only two quarterbacks were taken in the first 67 picks: HR: "It's hard to predict the NFL Draft. I think you sit out there and you go into it thinking certain things are going to happen and then it falls out differently. It's hard to know what other people are looking at and what their grades are and I think that's what makes it so much fun."

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