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Chaney: No Excuses, We Need To Execute

For the Eagles defense, shoring up a fourth-quarter defense that has allowed 36 points in three consecutive losing weeks is the primary concern moving forward. Middle linebacker Jamar Chaney believes that the problems stem from a lack of discipline and not from a lack of talent.

The team's leader in tackles with 32, Chaney is confident that this defense is not the one that fans will see over the last three quarters of the regular season.

"I'm not the kind of person to make excuses," Chaney said. "At this point, this defense should be able to close out games.  We shouldn't need the offense to play a perfect fourth quarter. It's on our unit to secure these wins at the end of games."

It is abundantly clear that the team's primary issue on defense has been their inability to stop teams in the fourth quarter. In the first three quarters of the last three games, the Eagles have given up an average of 5.8 points per quarter. In the fourth quarter of those games, the Eagles are allowing an average of 12 points per quarter.

"They're running the same plays in the fourth quarter that they've been running all game. We're simply not executing," said the second-year linebacker.  "It's not that other teams are adjusting to us and are showing things that we haven't seen before; it's just that we're not getting into the gaps like we should be.

"Regardless, no matter what teams throw at us, and what defense we're in, we expect to be able to make stops. I never blame the coaches. We, as players, need to execute."

The Bills will present a unique challenge for the Eagles defense on Sunday. Buffalo is a team that likes to spread out their weapons on offense. Once they've stretched the defense out wide, they utilize their fifth-ranked rushing attack to gain first downs. Because the Eagles' base defensive scheme is one that is naturally spread out up front, the linebackers will need to step up and make plays in the running game when they take the field in Buffalo.

"The Bills are one of a few teams in the league, another being the Patriots, that really likes to spread guys out wide and run the ball," said Chaney. "It all starts with their running game. Fred Jackson is a great runner, and C.J. Spiller does some nice things, too. They have a good offensive line, probably one of the best we'll face all year.

"We just need to go out there and do anything and everything it takes to win the game. Winning is the only thing that matters to us, right now. We know what we need to do out there to be successful and we'll show that against Buffalo and leave with a 'W.'"

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