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CB Asomugha, TE Celek, RB McCoy

CB Nnamdi Asomugha

On how he works with defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and secondary coach Todd Bowles: "The coordinator basically gives the overview, and then lays out how everything is supposed to be with the linebackers, DBs, and the defensive line. What the position coach does is make it all succinct to one player, so that is what Todd has been doing. He speaks directly to the corners. Todd has a great feel for the entire defense and the secondary. He'll talk to anyone because he is on the same page with Juan."

On how CB Curtis Marsh has been utilized differently and seen time with the first team: "That's our plan right now. We put him in a lot of different packages so that we can try and take advantage of matchups. The more he progresses, the more he'll be able to do. He's done well this entire offseason, not just during this camp. The ball isn't always thrown to him, and there are a lot of times that he's in great position and the ball went somewhere else, so (everyone) won't necessarily see that. It might not look like he's doing stuff, but when we go back and watch film, you can see he's in a good position. He's progressing very well."

On how he and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie have been competing over the course of training camp: "It's more like a quiet competition at the cornerback position. Any time that there is two of you and you're interchangeable, that happens both in games and at practice. We won't vocalize it, but when one guy makes a play, another guy wants to step up and make a play. It's always like that every year that I've been in the league. There is always that competition, and it brings a different side of you out where you want to show up and help out."

On whether he sees that there are more opportunities for the cornerback opposite him to make plays because he does not see as many balls thrown his way: "In my career, yes just because that's been the case so far. It does provide the guy with more opportunities. However, Dominique has been a great player his entire career and he's got all the intangibles to continue to be that guy. I don't look at it that way, and whenever I go out there, I just think about whatever way he wants to go and whatever matchup he sees that he wants based off the coverage he sees. I'll never look at it that way. The other corner has always said something like that to me, but that's not true. I don't think it's true."

On how this defensive backs group compares with others that he has played with in the past: "I think it's more of a physical group than I've been around. I think in the past I've been with a lot more fast guys and corners who just had all the speed in the world. Technique didn't matter as much because they had that type of speed. There were a lot of (players like) Dominique that I had played with back in Oakland. This group is a lot more physical, and we're a tackling group and a hitting group. It's not just lining up and playing man, you have to be able to play cloud and cover two, and bang the receiver up. It's a good group."

TE Brent Celek

On whether the changes that Head Coach Andy Reid has made regarding the camp schedule will help the team throughout the year: "I hope so. You don't know until we start the season. Obviously I haven't been out at too many of the afternoon practices, but a lot of the guys like it. In the afternoon, you're more awake, more alert. Sometimes in the morning, you wake up, you come out here, you've got to be at practice at eight o'clock in the morning, hitting people, it starts off a little bit slow. I know these practices have been more intense from what the guys have said and hopefully that carries over."

On whether there was any benefit having the full first team offense together during this morning's walkthrough: "Always. Anytime you can work together, communicate, it's huge. I've communicated with (T) Todd (Herremans) over the past year and to be able to be next to (T) Demetress (Bell) so we get a feel for each other, I think that's huge. I think it's the same with all the guys."

On whether he will practice this afternoon: "I'm going to do some stuff this afternoon. So, we'll see how it goes."

On the most difficult part of his rehab: "Just the cutting. When it comes to an MCL, lateral movement is always the hardest."

RB LeSean McCoy

On being the oldest player in the running back group at just 24 years old: "It is a little weird, being the oldest guy in the room. It's a little different, but it's a good thing. We're all young and we all can relate to the same things, on and off the field. So, it makes the running back room unique."

On the physicality of camp: "It's been tough. A lot of guys are sore. I think Coach (Andy Reid) has tried to get kind of the mindset of just being tough and kind of fighting adversity. (These are the) dog days where it's hot out, guys are banged up, but stick it out and work hard. Eventually, it will pay off."

On what he thinks about only having a little more time at training camp: "I didn't even think about it (laughs). We've just got to keep working. That's the biggest thing. It's been tough. This is by far the hardest camp since I've been an Eagle. All we can do is keep working and get better and maybe eventually we'll get to that period where you finally go over it. In the meantime, you've just got to keep working."

On whether he has noticed any differences going against the first team defense in camp: "They're a lot better against the run. But we've got a few good offenses, first team, second team, third team, so it's tough. We're all playing well together, battling, competing. I think it makes a great football team."

On whether anyone has jumped out at him this past week during practice: "I think on offense, it'd probably be (RB) Dion Lewis. A lot of people don't know how good he really is except the guys here. He's jumped out and has had an amazing camp so far; I think the first guy who can really show everybody what he can do."

On having WR Jeremy Maclin fully participating in camp this season: "I think not just Maclin, I think everybody together. No contract situations, no injuries or guys who were really out. Everybody's here working together, so just having Maclin and all the other guys, it's big for us. We want to reach the goals that we shot for at the beginning of the year. This is the time to do it and I think that having everybody together is the first step."

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