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Calvin To Resume Kickoff Returner Duties

With Ellis Hobbs' placement on Injured Reserve, head coach Andy Reid has decided to go back to rookie Jorrick Calvin to handle the kickoff returner duties.

Calvin has shown some promise this season. He returned a kickoff 41 yards against the Titans. He had a 44-yard punt return against Atlanta.

However, Calvin has also had an issue with ball security. He lost a punt return late in the game against the Titans which eliminated any chance for a comeback. He lost a kickoff return against the Redskins, which was swept under the rug in the wake of the 31-point victory.

Calvin was inactive for last Sunday's win over the Giants. For him, it's important just to get back to basics like when he was playing backyard football as a kid.

"It's definitely an eye-opener. I spent the whole time last week maintaining, focusing and again this week focusing on catching the ball, making sure I've got (the ball) tucked high and tight," Calvin said. "Just trying to be an all-around good athlete, all-around good pro."

Special teams coordinator Bobby April heaped praise upon Calvin on Thursday.

"I think he's still learning and getting better and improving. He's a talented guy. He's got to get that experience and capitalize on it being a learning experience," April said. "We're excited about the guy. We think the guy is really talented. We just have to keep nurturing him, keep helping him to get better."

April said that Jeremy Maclin and Eldra Buckley are the primary backups at kickoff returner. The Eagles are also developing running back Jerome Harrison because they think he has potential. But Harrison has never done it and April admitted it's difficult to teach when the player was acquired midseason.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 11:25 a.m., November 25

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