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Burkholder: Patterson Has Brain AVM

Mike Patterson's seizure Wednesday morning was likely the result of a rare congenital condition called brain arteriovenous malformation (AVN), which means there is a tangle of blood vessels in his skull outside his brain, according to Eagles head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder.

Burkholder would not speculate as to what the mode of treatment will be for Patterson, who is still at Lehigh Valley Hospital this morning with his wife. Patterson is expected to leave the hospital this morning to head back to his home in New Jersey.

Burkholder said it would also be foolish to speculate as to whether Patterson will be able to play football again soon, this year or next year. There are too many variables and decisions that need to be made by Patterson and the doctors.

The AVN is almost assuredly what caused Patterson's seizure, though there will be more tests. Burkholder said dehydration and head injury were both rules out as causes of the seizure. He added that, in some ways, they were lucky that Patterson suffered the seizure when he could receive such prompt medical attention. Patterson is also outside the age group to first show symptoms.

Patterson, according to Burkholder, is in good spirits. The team will update Patterson's condition further when new developments arise.

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