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Bradley Blog: Picks Come In Bunches


Getting my first interception of the season last week was good. You have a chance when the ball comes your way to get in front of it and you want to do that. It's been a while since my last one, but they kind of come in bunches. You try to be around the ball, but it's kind of a double-edged sword. Sometimes, the more you cover someone, the better you cover someone, the less they are getting thrown to. I had a chance and capitalized on it.

I don't think we played a very good game the first time we played the Redskins. We allowed way too many rushing yards. That set the tempo for the game from a physical standpoint, so we're going to try to shut the run down and make them more of a one-dimensional team.

The game against the Redskins is a playoff situation, so we don't have to worry about looking ahead. We can't be worried about what is going to happen next week because if we don't win this week, it's all for naught.

The beard I'm growing for our playoff push is coming along, but it's not quite as full as some of the other guys. We're getting there. Jim Johnson's beard is sweet. You should see Bill Shuey's too – it's getting up there. We're getting grizzled. It's kind of sweet.

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