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Bradley Blog: Anything Is Possible Sunday


It's definitely a huge game this Sunday against the Giants. We didn't play our best in the first game against them and we were still in it at the end. We have to shore up some mistakes. It was a poor outing for us. It's not the type of defense we feel that we are capable of playing. We are going to do everything we can to change that and get a better outcome. Even though they are 11-1 this season, it's the NFL. You can win any game, any week. We definitely feel we have a very capable team and we like our chances this week.

Without Plaxico Burress, not a lot changes in terms of our preparation. Domenik Hixon played great last week against the Redskins. He's an athletic receiver who has played well all year on special teams. He's definitely a weapon for them. I can't tell you how not having Burress will affect how Jim Johnson plays against the run - that would be giving the game plan away. Obviously, they run to set up the pass so that's something we have to take away.

No defense would be satisfied with the performance that we gave in the first meeting against the Giants. It was a game that we let slip away and let get out of hand. Out pride is definitely involved with that.

The one thing about the Giants is even if we stop the run early; they are so committed to it because they are so good at it and it helps keep the quarterback comfortable. They are going to keep pounding the rock regardless.

Eli Manning came up huge for the Giants against the Redskins. The Redskins loaded the box and forced Manning to beat them and he did. He was accurate with his throws. He does a good job of picking up the blitzes and getting rid of the ball if they're bringing the heat. He played well.

As a competitor, you want to win anytime almost to a fault. I don't think it's been a problem for the Giants finding a way to win even though they won it all a year ago.

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