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Banner On Vick Reinstatement

Eagles President Joe Banner spoke earlier about Commissioner Roger Goodell's decision to reinstate Michael Vick for week 3 of the regular season ...

Banner: Commissioner Goodell met with Michael this morning, and I think he came away feeling confident that Michael was doing the right things and on the right track, so I think he came up with two games as a reasonable outcome.

Q: From a logistical standpoint, where does the team go from here, in terms of, whether he should practice these first two weeks or not.

A: I think Andy (Reid) can speak to this after the game better, and I'm not sure we've made a decision one way or another in terms of the cuts. But we do have the choice of putting him on the 53-man roster and letting him practice, versus putting him on the exempt list and letting somebody else hold that 53rd spot for a couple of weeks. I think that until the dust settles tonight and we figure out where we're at and figure out the cuts, I'm not sure we'll know the answer until then.

Q:Any idea what Vick's reaction was?

A: I think that Michael wants to play as soon as he can, but I think he thinks this is fair and probably in the range of what we expected.

Q: Is this what you expected, two weeks?

A:Yes, I think, you know, we were guessing but I think we thought that if Michael did the right things that somewhere between one to three weeks was probably a likely outcome, so this is certainly within the range of what we expected. So we appreciate the Commissioner's thoughtfulness and we think this is a good outcome, and we look forward to having (Vick) with us.

Q: What has Michael shown to you as far as fulfilling the obligations you set out for him?

A: He's been a model citizen at this point. Whether we're talking about the plans we're putting together as far as work in the community or his work in the community or the hours he's put in the office as far as early in the morning and late in the evenings to try and make himself a better human being, he's done everything we've asked him to do.

Q: Is there a sense of closure that comes with this at all?

A: I think there's a closure to this suspension and the time that he's had to be away from football, in terms of at least defining when he'll be able to return. I think that as far as Michael is concerned, it's going to be a long time before he's able to put everything in the rear view mirror, I'm not sure it will ever go away. But he will be able to forge a new path and chart a new definition for himself.

Q:What kind of concrete plans are in place as far as Vick's work in the community?

A: I think you'll see Michael at an event here very soon, I think that we'll announce something as soon as this we just wrap up some details. As far as the organizational support for the issues around animal rights and the issues that we're learning are more important to our community as we've been working aggressively with them. I think you'll see Michael at an event here very soon ... For example, they tell us that a lot of the problems that are at the root of the problem is that failure to spay and neuter the animals, which creates an overpopulation of unwanted animals that they have to put in shelters and increasing their budget. So I think there are subtleties like that we don't fully understand yet and that we have to work on if we really want to affect some long-term change.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 6:16 p.m., September 3

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