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Back In Business, With Camp Straight Ahead

Training camp opens in two weeks, and there is some business to attend to before the rookies and selected veterans report. Namely, the Eagles have two more draft picks to sign, Trevor Laws and DeSean Jackson. They have the prep work to complete at the Goodman Campus of Lehigh University, the site of the two-a-day practices. And they -- the players, that is -- have a scant few hours to finish their decompression time before ramping up into the right mindset for the marathon of a season.

What's new with the Eagles since I last checked in? Absolutely nothing. The NovaCare Complex is still reasonably quiet. The players are largely scattered and the coaches are still on vacation.

While the NFL has been buzzing in the news about the still-possible (can it be true?) return of Packers quarterback Brett Favre, the Eagles are laying low.

Certainly, there are going to be plenty of stories once training camp starts. Clearly, this is a team that has some prime storylines to discuss once July 21 arrives. That is for then. Now, we're going to continue to enjoy the pre-preseason.


  • I agree with those who have voted on the recent poll -- What is the biggest story in training camp? -- that it is the idea of the Eagles coming together as a team, rather than of the subplots that include the health of Donovan McNabb and the Lito Sheppard situation. Of the first 5,400 votes, the total team vote leads the way.
  • Good article from Pat Kirwan on about teams and their run/pass ratio. His premise is that 2008 could signal a change in philosophy around the league, that a chunk of teams will use the run to set up the pass, rather than use pass to set up the run. Could be. With offenses spreading the field, there is a great chance to bust one through a paper-thin defense. What about the Eagles? I think it's a game-to-game thing with this team. The Eagles, as seen here, should have the ability to beat a team with the running game and with the passing game. I expect a balanced offensive philosophy, to be honest. It doesn't serve the Eagles well to throw the ball 45 times every week.
  • The rookies and selected veterans report on July 21 and then practice for three days before the entire team reports and practices in full pads. Those first three days are important for the kids, but everyone has to reserve judgment. Jeremy Bloom looked great for three days, but once the hitting started last year, his body wore down quickly. It is tough to hear, but the truth is this: You just don't know until the pads go on.
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