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Andrews Holds Court, Sounds Off

The front line -- actually, the offensive line -- stole some of the headlines Saturday as injured right tackle Shawn Andrews addressed questions on his potential return.

While the two-time Pro Bowl lineman would not discuss his ailing back - citing head coach Andy Reid's policy of players discussing injuries - he reiterated that he's "doing everything in my power to get back. I'm exhausting all means to get back on the field. Whenever it happens, and Lord willing it's soon, I'm going to get back and kick some butt."

Andrews also sounded off on the media, some of whom he believes have questioned his desire to play the game.

"A lot of you guys with the ink pens are questioning my mental toughness," Andrews said. "A lot of guys with ink pens who never put on a jock strap and never played any football don't really understand. It's tough when a guy can't defend himself. People just kind of make me out to be a nut case, but it's all right. I'm content with myself and I'm content with where God wants me to be."

In fact, Andrews says he's more excited than ever about this upcoming football season.

"There's a reason why my brother's here, there's a reason why my college teammate who I used to dominate with is here. This year I've been more excited to play football than I have in my life, playing a new position and just knowing that I did everything in my power this offseason to get back."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 2:40 p.m., August 15

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