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73 Underclassmen To Enter Draft

April's NFL Draft will feature 73 eligible underclassmen, the highest such number in the history of the league. Last year, 65 underclassmen entered the draft, the highest such total to that point. The NFL Draft begins on Thursday, April 25. Listed below are the 73 underclassmen who will be eligible to hear their names called come late April.

  1. Allen, Keenan, WR California
  2. Amerson, David, DB North Carolina State
  3. Bailey, Alvin, G Arkansas
  4. Bailey, Stedman, WR West Virginia
  5. Bakhtiari, David, T Colorado
  6. Beckford, Dwayne, LB Purdue
  7. Bell, Le'Veon, RB Michigan State
  8. Bernard, Giovani, RB North Carolina
  9. Bray, Tyler, QB Tennessee
  10. Brown, Terrence, DB Stanford
  11. Carter, Duron, WR Ohio State
  12. Davis, Knile, RB Arkansas
  13. Edwards, Mike, DB Hawaii
  14. Elam, Matt, DB Florida
  15. Ertz, Zach, TE Stanford
  16. Escobar, Gavin, TE San Diego State
  17. Faulk, Chris, T Louisiana State
  18. Floyd, Sharrif, DT Florida
  19. Ford, Michael, RB Louisiana State
  20. Frederick, Travis, C Wisconsin
  21. Geathers, Kwame, NT Georgia
  22. Gholston, William, DE Michigan State
  23. Hankins, Johnathan, DT Ohio State
  24. Harley, Jajuan, DB Middle Tennessee
  25. Hopkins, DeAndre, WR Clemson
  26. Hunter, Justin, WR Tennessee
  27. Jamison, Jawan, RB Rutgers
  28. Jefferson, Stefphon, RB Nevada
  29. Jefferson, Tony, DB Oklahoma
  30. Jenkins, Jelani, LB Florida
  31. Joeckel, Luke, T Texas A&M
  32. Jones, Jarvis, LB Georgia
  33. Jose, Jose, DT Central Florida
  34. Kruger, Joe, DE Utah
  35. Lacy, Eddie, RB Alabama
  36. Lattimore, Marcus, RB South Carolina
  37. Lemonier, Corey, DE Auburn
  38. Logan, Bennie, DT Louisiana State
  39. Maponga, Stansly, DE Texas Christian
  40. Mathieu, Tyrann, DB Louisiana State
  41. Milliner, Dee, DB Alabama
  42. Mingo, Barkevious, DE Louisiana State
  43. Minter, Kevin, LB Louisiana State
  44. Montgomery, Sam, DE Louisiana State
  45. Moore, Brandon, DT Texas
  46. Moore, Damontre, DE Texas A&M
  47. Ogletree, Alec, LB Georgia
  48. Patterson, Cordarrelle, WR Tennessee
  49. Randle, Bradley, RB Nevada-Las Vegas
  50. Randle, Joseph, RB Oklahoma State
  51. Reed, Jordan, TE Florida
  52. Reid, Eric, DB Louisiana State
  53. Reid, Greg, DB Florida State
  54. Rhodes, Xavier, DB Florida State
  55. Richardson, Sheldon, DT Missouri
  56. Robey, Nickell, DB Southern California
  57. Ryan, Logan, DB Rutgers
  58. Sanders, Ace, WR South Carolina
  59. Sentimore, Darrington, DT Tennessee
  60. Simon, Tharold, DB Louisiana State
  61. Sims, Dion, TE Michigan State
  62. Spence, Akeem, DT Illinois
  63. Stills, Kenny, WR Oklahoma
  64. Toilolo, Levine, TE Stanford
  65. Ware, Spencer, RB Louisiana State
  66. Watson, Menelik, T Florida State
  67. Werner, Bjoern, DE Florida State
  68. Williams, Steve, DB California
  69. Wilson, Marquess, WR Washington State
  70. Wing, Brad, P Louisiana State
  71. Wood, Cierre, RB Notre Dame
  72. Woods, Robert, WR Southern California
  73. Wort, Tom, LB Oklahoma

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