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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles



Registrar in Healthcare industry; pursuing a career as diagnostic medical sonographer

Hometown: Somerdale, NJ

Tenure: 2

College: Earned a Bachelor of Arts & Science in health science from Rutgers University


Community Involvement:

As a healthcare worker I am committed to advocating and educating the community on their health and wellness which is why I participate in community activities such as annual Breast Cancer Awareness and Alzheimer's Awareness walks as well as events hosted by the Special Olympics. I am also very passionate about uplifting and supporting members of inner-city communities, who may be negatively impacted by unfortunate circumstances. This is why I enjoy volunteering at organizations that supply members of this community with fundamental resources and activities that advocate more positivity such as the Foodbank of New Jersey, the Cathedral Kitchen of Camden, and the Police Athletic League of Camden's youth programs.

Favorite Appearance and why:

I really enjoyed participating in our Women's Football Festival. This all-inclusive event gives our female fans the unique opportunity to partake in several activities including learning some of our sideline performances during the Dance & Fitness clinic. It is a fun filled day where we get to engage with our female fans and celebrate our unique and diverse fan-base.