High School Special Education Teacher

Hometown: Willingboro, NJ

Tenure: 6

College: Graduate of Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication


Community Involvement:

I had the privilege to visit the orphaned children at the Foundation for a Better World in Higuey, Dominican Republic. We were able to spend a few hours dancing, laughing, and making memories with the young boys. The Eagles Cheer Team also donated a variety of items including clothing and food to the Orphanage. Experiencing this was both inspiring and rewarding because I saw the direct impact it made on the children.

Favorite Appearance and why:

The Philadelphia Eagles are extremely passionate about Autism Awareness and Autism Research, as am I. My favorite appearance is the Eagles Autism Challenge because it allows me to interact with individuals that I normally engage with on a daily basis; however as an Eagles Cheerleader instead of a high school teacher. During this event, I am able to have fun, stay active and most importantly, bring awareness to Autism and Autism Research.