Emily Rae-R1

Emily Rae

Law Firm Director of Marketing & Legal Assistant

Hometown: Newtown, PA

Tenure: 4

College: Graduate of Muhlenberg College with a Bachelor of Science degree; Double Major in Dance & Business with concentrations in Education, Choreography, Performance, and Marketing



Community Involvement:

Making a difference in my community and giving back has always been important to me. In high school, I traveled internationally to both raise funds and assist in teaching dance classes for struggling orphanages. Personally seeing how much joy dance bought them, along with the positive impact my actions had; inspired me to continue to get involved in my community in more than one way. In college, my fellow classmates and I began teaching after-school dance programs at local elementary schools. This experience inspired me to continue spreading the gift of dance to other children, by collecting lightly used dance-wear and redistributing it to those who would otherwise be unable to afford it. I am very humbled to make a difference in the lives of others through my love of dance!

Favorite Appearance and why:

My favorite appearance would have to be the Eagles Playground Build. Together, we built slides, jungle gyms, monkey bars and painted a mural on the walls of the school. This was my first official event as an Eagles Cheerleader and I was able to see the community come together to create something so meaningful and beautiful. It was a very empowering and unforgettable experience for me.

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