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Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles



Advertising Sales Account Executive

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Tenure: 2

College: Earned a Bachelor's degree with honors in political science from Carleton University


Community Involvement:
It had been a lifelong dream of mine to cheer in the NFL, and something that really inspired me to join the Eagles organization is their commitment to the Autistic community. I have a family member on the spectrum and am so excited to continue to be a part of a team that brings awareness to a cause so near and dear to my heart. I have loved becoming so involved with all community events within our community that are in support of this special cause. One of my favorite EAF events was getting to participate in the Eagles Autism Challenge this year! We had a fantastic time cheering on the participants and were blown away with everyone's fundraising efforts.

My favorite appearance and why:

I absolutely love the holidays and this past season we were lucky enough to perform on stage with the Philadelphia Ballet for a holiday themed routine. Being surrounded by such amazing talent and in an incredible theater with my teammates was a day to remember! I will always be so thankful for the opportunities that we are given as Eagles Cheerleaders!