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Self-Scouting: The Scoop On The Running Game

Greg Cosell shows you why fans should be excited about the Eagles run game in 2017 and beyond before John Clark and Ike Reese look at the pieces on offense with the arrow pointing up in the future.

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  • Eagles Game Plan: Week 17 (19:57)

    This week on Eagles Game Plan, our crew looks at the entire Eagles offense going into the offseason and what needs to improve after Doug Pederson breaks down Carson Wentz's first year in the NFL.
  • Eagles Game Plan: Week 16 (19:57)

    This week on Eagles Game Plan, our crew looks at the Eagles defense and special teams units from top to bottom to examine the strengths and weaknesses going into 2017 and beyond.
  • Eagles Game Plan: Week 15 (19:57)

    This week on Eagles Game Plan our crew looks at the matchup against Baltimore and analyzes which players face the biggest challenge against the Ravens.
  • Eagles Game Plan: Week 14 (19:57)

    This week on Eagles Game Plan, Doug Pederson talks about Carson Wentz's development before our crew dissects the biggest things to watch in this week's game against Washington.

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Anatomy Of A Play


  • Anatomy Of A Play: Yankee (2:26)

    In our final 'Anatomy Of A Play' segment, Ross Tucker and Ike Reese from Eagles Game Plan break down the 'Yankee' pass concept and how the Eagles may use it to attack downfield in 2016 ...
  • Anatomy Of A Play: Shovel (3:26)

    The shovel pass was a favorite of Andy Reid during his time here. Will Doug Pederson utilize it as well? Ross Tucker breaks down the concept ...
  • Anatomy Of A Play: The Sucker Play (2:40)

    Want to check out one of the cooler looking pass plays in football? Eagles Game Plan analysts Ike Reese and Ross Tucker break down the 'Sucker' concept for you in today's Anatomy Of A Play ...
  • Anatomy Of A Play: Inside Zone Pop (2:54)

    Run/Pass Options are a big part of the Doug Pederson offense. Here's Ross Tucker and Ike Reese to break them down for you in our Anatomy Of A Play ...