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Progress Report: Ronald Darby

Mike Quick and Ike Reese jump on Eagles 360 and break down Ronald Darby in his return against Dallas.

Tape Study


  • Tape Study: Doug Pederson Breaks Down Film (5:41)

    Head coach Doug Pederson joins Ike Reese on Eagles Game Plan to talk about some of the team's most successful plays against the Denver Broncos and takes us behind the curtain to explain what went into the playcall on Alshon Jeffery's long touchdown catch.
  • Tape Study: The Development Of Carson Wentz (5:31)

    Head coach Doug Pederson joins Ike Reese on Eagles Game Plan to look at the specific areas of improvement for Carson Wentz from year one to year two. This edition of Tape Study is brought to you by Chickie's And Pete's.
  • Tape Study: Chris Wilson (3:40)

    Defensive line coach Chris Wilson joins Ike Reese on Eagles Game Plan to talk about Fletcher Cox, Derek Barnett, Tim Jernigan and the rest of the stars up front on defense.
  • Tape Study: John DeFilippo Evaluates Wentz (7:45)

    Quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo joins Ike Reese on Eagles Game Plan to break down some of Carson Wentz's best throws against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football. This edition of Tape Study is brought to you by Chickie's And Pete's.

Old School All-22


All-22 Review

All 22 Review

Enemy Intel


  • Enemy Intel: Cowboys And Robbers (3:46)

    Greg Cosell shows why one of Dallas' coverage schemes may be perfect to defend the Eagles offense before Mike Quick draws up the perfect play to attack it.
  • Enemy Intel: Keeping Dak Contained (5:12)

    With Ezekiel Elliott out, the biggest threat for the Eagles offense is Dak Prescott. Greg Cosell explains why and Ike Reese joins John Clark to diagram how the Eagles can keep him contained.
  • Self-Scouting: The "Green Dog" (2:30)

    One big facet of the Eagles pressure scheme on defense is the 'Green Dog' blitz. What is it and how does it work? John Clark and Ike Reese take a look on Eagles Game Plan.
  • Self-Scouting: Freeing Fletcher Cox (2:58)

    How have Jim Schwartz and his defensive staff helped create opportunities for Fletcher Cox to get after the quarterback? Greg Cosell looks at all the ways on Eagles Game Plan.

Westbrook Game Recap


Progress Report


Meet The Prospect


  • Meet The Prospect: Rasul Douglas (2:08)

    Rasul Douglas, the Eagles third-round pick, went from completely off the radar a year ago to an All-American as a first-year starter and one of the top performers at the Senior Bowl. Fran Duffy explains why.
  • Meet The Prospect: Derek Barnett (1:23)

    The newest Eagle, Tennessee defensive end Derek Barnett, broke Reggie White's sack record at Tennessee, and Fran Duffy explains why his game translates so well to the NFL level.
  • Meet The Prospect: Reuben Foster (1:22)

    Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster is one of the top players in the draft. Fran Duffy explains what the Crimson Tide star will bring to his future NFL team.
  • Meet The Prospect: JuJu Smith-Schuster (1:23)

    What makes JuJu Smith-Schuster one of the most intriguing weapons in this draft? Fran Duffy breaks down the talented wideout in today's Meet The Prospect.

Film Room


Anatomy Of A Play


  • Anatomy Of A Play: Yankee (2:26)

    In our final 'Anatomy Of A Play' segment, Ross Tucker and Ike Reese from Eagles Game Plan break down the 'Yankee' pass concept and how the Eagles may use it to attack downfield in 2016 ...
  • Anatomy Of A Play: Shovel (3:26)

    The shovel pass was a favorite of Andy Reid during his time here. Will Doug Pederson utilize it as well? Ross Tucker breaks down the concept ...
  • Anatomy Of A Play: The Sucker Play (2:40)

    Want to check out one of the cooler looking pass plays in football? Eagles Game Plan analysts Ike Reese and Ross Tucker break down the 'Sucker' concept for you in today's Anatomy Of A Play ...
  • Anatomy Of A Play: Inside Zone Pop (2:54)

    Run/Pass Options are a big part of the Doug Pederson offense. Here's Ross Tucker and Ike Reese to break them down for you in our Anatomy Of A Play ...

Football 101


  • Football 101: Audibles (2:44)

    Eagles Game Plan analyst Ross Tucker takes us inside the mind of a quarterback when it comes to changing the play at the line of scrimmage, otherwise known as calling an audible …
  • Football 101: The Screen Game (4:19)

    Eagles Game Plan analyst Ross Tucker explains what the screen passing game is and why the Eagles are so good at executing it …
  • Football 101: The Route Tree (4:38)

    What’s a go route? What’s a slant? Eagles Game Plan analyst Ross Tucker explains the passing concepts that allow the Eagles to produce one of the most explosive offenses in the entire NFL …
  • Football 101: Evolution Of The Tight End (4:26)

    Ross Tucker looks at plays showcasing how the tight end position has changed this generation thanks to talents of players like Antonio Gates, Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski and others …