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SWOOP Wins 2014 "Mascot Games"

Posted Feb 18, 2014

The Eagles might be in the midst of the NFL offseason right now, but SWOOP never rests. Last week, the lovable mascot took his talents to California for Cartoon Network’s Hall of Games extravaganza. As part of the contest, SWOOP participated in a “Mascot Games” competition against some of professional sports’ most famous mascots. And he won. Of course he did.

SWOOP conquered the obstacle course and knocked Arizona Cardinals mascot Big Red off the elevated platform in an American Gladiators-style joust bout. It was a resounding knockout for SWOOP in this battle of the birds, further punctuating the Eagles’ 24-21 win over the Cardinals during the 2013 season.

Unfortunately for SWOOP, he couldn’t sweep the awards and lost out on “Most Awesome Mascot” honors to Bailey of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. That’s okay, though, he’s still number one in our minds and our hearts. SWOOP gained a lifelong friend out of the experience, too, as Bailey was nice enough to be gracious in victory.

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