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Quotes: S Ed Reynolds

Posted May 10, 2014

On his familiarity with Eagles head coach Chip Kelly:

“It’s pretty high. He was at Oregon the whole time, besides my last year, at Stanford. I started my redshirt sophomore year against him when he was there. I always respected him as a coach. Then going through this process, I was able to meet and talk to him, just talk about football and life. I love the way he’s running that organization in Philadelphia and I’m proud to call him my head coach.”

On what compelled him to come out of college early:

“It was one of those things where, going into the season, I felt like I was ready. If I did everything I wanted to do going into this last season – which for me it was to become an all-around better football player, become a better tackler, help lead our Stanford defense and perform the way I wanted to – I felt like maturity-wise and with my football IQ, I was ready. I felt like I was ready to make that jump. In the end, I decided to go that way.”

On whether he felt like his production declined going into his final season at Stanford or whether it was the stats:

“Honestly, I think it was just statistically. I think 2012 was my breakout year. It was the year that I made a lot of game-changing plays – three return touchdowns, six interceptions and 302 return yards. Then going into this past year, I knew that it was going to be hard to match those, but at the same time, that was my goal. A lot of quarterbacks tried to play away from me. They tried to attack our corners, but in the end, I felt like I became a more productive overall player this past year as a sure tackler coming out of the whole. My tackles went from 47 my first year to I think like 88 this past year. Just becoming an all-around better football player and putting all my holes together.”

On the role he played as a safety at Stanford:

“Depending on the year, I played a lot of centerfield. I was a post safety, but this past year I played a lot of man [coverage]. I came down when we played our fire zones. Also being able to come off the edge on blitzes or playing the box. We were very multiple that way. If I had to say what my main job was, it was playing post.”

On what it was like going up against the Oregon offense:

“I think for us it was just, our coaching staff at Stanford, we took pride in our week of preparation. We tried to mimic the tempo as best we could. We had two or three scout offenses running at a time. We tried to mimic the tempo of how they ran their offense. Also, not trying to out-scheme Oregon, we just wanted to play our defense and play it fast. The main thing with Oregon, you have to tackle on defense. One missed tackle or two missed tackles, it’s going to the house. For us, I think what a lot of people saw the past two years was guys getting lined up playing simple defense, but always playing hard, always being aligned and making the tackles that need to be made. So a six-yard gain doesn’t turn into an 87-yard touchdown.”

On what he remembers from his Eagles’ visit with Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

“Ha Ha and I, we roomed together and we met each other at the Combine so we were pretty familiar with each other. He’s another great player. The visit was great, though. That was probably my second or third time visiting the Philadelphia facility. I went when I was younger randomly with my dad. I was going to check out practice. My dad used to work for [the NFL] so I used to live up in New Jersey. One day I just randomly went over and saw practice. I got to meet [Eagles former head coach Andy] Reid, [former Eagles quarterback] Donovan McNabb, he was still there, and I saw the facilities then. During that visit, kind of taking that next step, visiting the team because I could possibly play there was surreal to me. Not because I was a little kid awing at all the players out there, I wanted to be one of them in that green [jersey]. It was a great visit overall.”

On whether he remembers what year that was when he visited the facility as a kid:

“Man, I couldn’t even tell you. I know I was probably in middle school I think. Maybe like [2005]. I just know Donovan [McNabb] was still there, so whenever Donovan was still there. I think it was probably [2004, 2005].”

On what part of New Jersey he lived in:

“I lived right outside of Trenton. It’s a town called Lawrenceville.”

On his relationship with Eagles TE and former Stanford teammate Zach Ertz:

“It’s great. We played three years together. Going up against him in practice, one-on-one and seven-on-seven team drills, I feel like we both made each other better. He’s a heck of a weapon as a tight end and as somebody that you can split out and create matchups with. It’s great to have somebody that I’m familiar with on the team that I’m about to play for.”

On whether he said anything to him about the city, the Eagles or what it’s like to play under coach Kelly:

“He’s from California so he spends a lot of his offseason training at Stanford. I saw him during this whole pre-draft process. He just told me how well coach Kelly was running the organization and the tempo – it’s different playing against it for him but just watching it, he said, ‘Yeah, the tempo is real.’ He just said, ‘It’s a great place and if I just happen to be there I’d be a great fit.’ It just turned out that way.”

On whether he is still enrolled in college:

“Yes, sir.”

On whether he won’t be able to participate until after graduation:

“I’m pretty sure I can do the three-day rookie mini-camp. There’s nothing but rookies out there and then I can’t participate in any of the [organized team activities]. I have to wait until after my last final which is the second week of June. It’s something that Zach [Ertz] also went through and that’s something that I’ll definitely talk to him about in the next couple of days to see what he did to acclimate to the new system without being out there for that little stretch of time.”

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