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Quotes: Head Coach Chip Kelly

Posted Jun 19, 2014

Q. Is it important to have an enforcer at the safety position?

CHIP KELLY: "I mean, we don't talk about an enforcer, but I think you have to have a total football player, so there's not one thing where you say, ‘Well, he's not real good at this, but we're okay. We'll let that slide.’ No matter what position you are, I think the same thing goes for (cornerbacks) for us. I think Bradley (Fletcher) and Cary (Williams) are two examples of it. They're our two safeties on our kickoff cover team because of how well they do tackle. Anybody that's going to line up for us defensively has to be a good tackler."

Q. Your last day today, getaway day. What message do you give your team as they head out the door?

CHIP KELLY: "I think the important thing for them is it's not getaway day. It's another day to improve and get out there and get better as a football team, and I think that's their approach right now. They've had a good session so far this morning and we'll go out and wrap it up. I think the real message is it isn't getaway day. It's finish up strong, it's our last opportunity to get some real good quality work in before we come back here on the 25th, and I think they feel the same way."

Q. Talking about DeSean Jackson's release, LeSean McCoy said it made him more aware that it could happen to anyone if they don't, quote, buy in. Was that the message you wanted to send?

CHIP KELLY: "I don't send messages to other players by how I deal with other players. How LeSean McCoy interprets things, LeSean has a beautiful mind, so sometimes trying to analyze that mind, I don't wrap myself around that too much or bother myself too much with that. However LeSean interprets things is how LeSean interprets things."

Q. That term "buy in" was not one we had heard from you. That's why I wanted to ask.

CHIP KELLY: "I know, you heard it from the beautiful mind, so talk to him. He'll give you a lot about every subject. He can tell you who's going to start on other teams in the league and he can tell you a lot of things. I enjoy talking to LeSean. He's the best."

Q. Your comment yesterday about line obedience and self governance, is that your credo, or is that something you picked up from 

CHIP KELLY: "No, I've learned things across, over time. I didn't make that stuff up, so I think there are different organizational models you can look at to how you want your organization to run, and I said we're moving towards that. I didn't say we're at that."

Q. Could you give a hint where you picked up some of that  is that like a business model?

CHIP KELLY: "In my many years of experience and studying high performance operations. I couldn't tell you exactly where that one came from, but it's always resonated with me."

Q. You've been asked a lot the last few weeks, few months about Nick Foles. What about LeSean McCoy? Can you talk about him? He's certainly got a different personality than Nick, but do you see LeSean as he gets older and more mature coming into that offensive leadership role?

CHIP KELLY: "No, I don't really put it into those terms with LeSean. I think LeSean is a guy that has great energy, and I think people feed off of that energy in terms of what he brings here every day to the building. He doesn't really ever seem like he has a bad day. He's always up, he's always positive. One thing I love about him is he takes responsibility for everything he does, so if he doesn't have a good day, he doesn't make excuses about it, he learns from it and moves forward. They are two distinct, different personalities, but you need to have different personalities on a football team."

Q. You had Najee Goode come in, in the middle of last year. What did you see from him last year and how far has he come?

CHIP KELLY: "He's ahead just because we've had a chance to spend an off season with him. Real smart football player. I know I say that a lot with a lot of our guys, but it's true. Got a very good understanding of both linebacker positions inside, played really, really well for us on special teams, actually scored for us against the Giants on special teams. Fast. He's got kind of an extra gear that I think some of our backers don't have, explosive, can really run and is a guy that I think now that we've got (inside linebackers) coach (Rick) Minter and (defensive coordinator Bill Davis) have got a chance to spend some time with him. There are a few of those guys that came in. Roc Carmichael is a guy like that, Jeff Maehl was a guy like that that we got right towards the end of training camp that didn't have the benefit of a full off season program. I think we're seeing the benefits of that right now with him."

Q. Have you been able to gauge how Matt Barkley and Mark Sanchez have played so far?

CHIP KELLY: "I've said it before, until you get them in games because they're not getting hit, it's always stay away from the quarterback, whether it's in OTAs, mini camp or training camp itself, really you get a feel for what they're like when they get a chance to perform in those preseason games. That's the biggest thing for a quarterback because it's just such a different game when everybody, no matter where it is and I don't care what team you're on, whether you're in usually college, the pros, whatever, you're not going to hit the quarterback in camp and you're not going to hit the quarterback in your practices, it's going to occur when you're going against other teams, so we'll get a real good feel for that. But they have a good grasp of what we're doing, they've got an understanding of what we're doing. I've seen improvement from them in these drills, but you're not going to find out until you put them in a game."

Q. It's going to be five or six weeks until you see these guys again 

CHIP KELLY: "Thirty-five days."

Q. It's a period of time that can make a lot of coaches nervous about players possibly getting in trouble. Do you talk to them about that and send any sort of message that way?

CHIP KELLY: "No, they're grown men, and I think they understand the difference between right and wrong. I think the league has an extremely strict policy on that. You can look at all the examples that go on in the league in terms of how you're supposed to behave and be a good person when you're away from here, but I think a lot of that we take into consideration in our  when we acquire these guys and select these guys. That's a real big, important thing to us. I don't want a bunch of guys I have to worry about when we're away, that I've got to worry about how they're supposed to behave. They understand anything they do has ramifications, whether it's positive or negative, and they've got to understand how it affects not only themselves but how it affects the team."

Q. How do you spend the 35 days and how does your staff spend it?

CHIP KELLY: "They've got time off. They're on a break and we'll get back here a couple days before we get going on the 25th, as a staff and just reconvene and make sure we're all set for training camp. Everybody has kind of got different things or may travel a little bit, be here and there."

Q. Are you still a clinic guy? Do you still try to go to football clinics?

CHIP KELLY: "In the summertime, no."

Q. I know this is only your second year, but by our standards this has been a very quiet spring. You don't have a quarterback competition, you don't have any controversial figures or players, maybe not showing up for camp  is this all by design? There's other teams you have fights in camps, you have guys holding out  is this what you want? Some teams seem to thrive off that drama.

CHIP KELLY: "Does that bother you?"

Q. No, I think it's great.

CHIP KELLY: "I think there's a little bit more to that question. Do you want more to write about or more to pen down? No, I just think there's a way to act as a professional and how you're supposed to conduct yourself. You don't have to get in a fight in training camp to show us how competitive you are. I think everything we do, we've got a ton of competitions, whether it's in the weight room or on the field when you get out there in one on ones, but when you're truly a professional there's a healthy respect that goes on between the individual players in terms of what they're going to do. But they understand they have to challenge themselves, make themselves better, make the guys that they're lined up next to and lined up across from better, but they also have to make sure we're smart in terms of how we operate because we've got to get everybody to the season."

Q. How do you brace yourself for the 35 days? Do you try to get away at all?

CHIP KELLY: "I mean, I'll go home and see my family and spend some time with them, but I mean, I don't look at this as I need a break from what we've just done. I mean, this is our life choice and we enjoy it, so it's not like I can't wait for  this isn't like Fred Flintstone with the Yabba Dabba Doo and we're trying to get out of work. It's another day, and we'll finish up with some different things before we get some time off. But I think anybody that's in our situation that coaches isn't like, I can't wait to get out of there. I think most of them can't wait to get back in there."

Q. Do you have plans to visit with any other coaches or have you done anything like that this off season, whether it's college or 

CHIP KELLY: "I'm going to go catch up with a few dudes if I can."

Q. How much do you give the young guys to mentally stay sharp between now and training camp?

CHIP KELLY: "Do we give them? They take their notes and all those things home with them, and they're just expected when they get back here in 35 days to be prepared for when we go. It's not like we give them a test when they get back or there's homework assignments or anything like that when they take off."

Q. Are you moved by the Redskins' name conversation one way or the other?

CHIP KELLY: "I haven't really spent any time looking at that. I couldn't tell you one way or the other. I don't know the history of when it came about. I understand that it's a pretty sensitive issue to a lot of people, and obviously there's a lot of thought that has to go into it, but I couldn't really speak to it."

Q. What have been your impressions of Villanueva and how he's assimilated?

CHIP KELLY: "Yeah, I've been kind of partially amazed that he could do what he's done. He was training such in a different realm, I think he was preparing for a lot of the PT work that he did in the Army, he was running five miles a day. We're certainly not asking our defense linemen to run five miles a day. There was one day here, you can check with him, I think he went from here to an Army training session and went out and had a couple PT tests that he had to pass and actually one of them was a five mile test. He nailed it and came back and didn't miss a day. He’s been just a guy that you see every day just getting a little bit better, getting a little bit better. As I said the other day, a real intriguing prospect but just amazed at everything that Alejandro does to be honest with you."

Q. Do you get a chance to turn the switch off?

CHIP KELLY: "No, I don't think there's a switch. I've never thought of that. You guys are all sports fans because you get into this. Do you just take three weeks where you don't pay attention to any sports? You go from one sport to the next sport to the next sport. I've never looked at it as a switch. I think I've just been a huge sports fan. I love the game of football. I have a passion for it, so it's not like if a conversation comes up three days from now about football, I'm on vacation, I don't want to talk about it. I'd probably be the one starting the conversation to be honest with you."

Q. You've talked about outside linebacker, the edge, dropping and obviously rushing the passer. With Marcus Smith, what you've been able to see of him is him dropping during the spring?

CHIP KELLY: "No, we've seen all the things. We don't intentionally just use him as a drop guy. You've seen him in coverage. I've seen Trent a lot in coverage."

Q. It's easiest to evaluate that part of it during the Spring?

CHIP KELLY: "It's all tough to evaluate, especially that position, just like the defensive line without pads on because sometimes they're two entirely different people, so you can observe athletic ability, spatial awareness, how do they pick up the concepts, do they know where they're supposed to be as it relates to drops or rushes or gaps they're supposed to be in. But we've still got a whole lot we've got to really kind of delve into with him when we get the pads on."

Q. Are you doing anything different in training camp this year from last year in terms of the structure?

CHIP KELLY: "It'll be similar ... the camp format will be similar to what we were doing last year, and then obviously we're going to New England, so we'll be away for a couple days, but that's about it."

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