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Quotes: DE Taylor Hart

Posted May 10, 2014

On whether he had a feeling the Eagles were going to draft him ahead of time:

“You know, they flew me out for a visit so they made me aware that they would want to pick me. I’ve been with [Eagles assistant head coach/defensive line coach Jerry] Azzinaro before and I fit his scheme. I had a little bit of an idea so I was hopeful that they might [draft me].”

On how much of an advantage it is to know coach Azzinaro’s scheme:

“I think it’s a huge advantage going to a team already knowing what the defensive line coach wants. Obviously it’s changed a little bit, but kind of understanding the defense and doing that in college, I think that’s a pretty good advantage to have.”

On whether he followed the Eagles this past season:

“Yeah, I watched them quite a bit. Obviously with [Eagles head coach Chip] Kelly and coach Azzinaro and there’s an array of Oregon players/coaches that are still there, too. I watched them and I could recognize the defenses, so it was pretty neat to do that, too.”

On what it is about his skill set that works so well in coach Azzinaro’s scheme:

“I think it’s my size. I’m a bigger, longer kind of guy who fits a 3-4 defense and it’s a lot of technique that goes into playing this position and I think that’s a pretty good advantage for me.”

On how he describes himself as a player:

“I’m a hard worker. I’m always going to run at the ball and I’m always going to give it my all. I’m just a technician kind of player.”

On who called him once he was drafted by the team:

“Chip was first to talk to me and then I talked to coach Azzinaro right after that.”

On what coach Kelly said:

“Just that they were going to pick me and we’re putting the family back together.”

On what the recruitment process was like for him coming out of high school:

“I wasn’t heavily recruited. I’m from Oregon so I went to a few teams and visited but Oregon was at the top of my list. I’ve seen them throughout my whole life. When I went there and saw all the players and coaches, I just kind of fell in love with Oregon and that’s why I chose [the University of Oregon].”

On whether his medical history was the reason for the Eagles’ visit:

“Yeah, I’ve been 100 percent so far. My foot is all healed and I’m doing well. I guess they wanted to see how that was doing and maybe they wanted to say hello.”

On the comfort level of going to a team where there are so many Oregon connections:

“I think it’s going to make it feel like home for me. I’ve never been to the east coast. Obviously I’ve never left Oregon. I think it’s going to make everything comfortable. It’s going to be a lot of hard work and a lot of stuff that I’m going to have to do here coming up. Having those guys and being around them will be a neat feeling.”

On whom he has kept in touch with in Philadelphia:

“I would say [Eagles defensive quality control coach] Michael Clay. He’s on the staff. I played with him. We were part of the same class. I talked to coach Azzinaro every once in awhile. That’s about it.”

On his favorite coach Azzinaro story:

“[Laughing] I don’t think I can share any stories. We had four years together and every year is different and every year is good. He’s a great coach and I learned a lot from him. I hope to learn some more.”

On the importance of coach Azzinaro scheming things up front on the defensive line and how that relates to the rest of the defense:

“I think he did a great job at Oregon for us and he did a pretty good job in Philly. He did a great job in showing the players what they need to do so the whole defense can work together.”

On whether he has spoken to Eagles third-round pick and former Oregon WR Josh Huff:

“I haven’t had a chance yet. No, I haven’t. I will shortly probably.”

On whether he is fully healthy right now:


On whether he’ll be able to compete right away without any complications:

“Yeah, I’m ready to go.”

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