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Practice Squad Expands To 10 Players

Posted Aug 19, 2014

The NFL and the NFL Players Association announced on Tuesday that teams can now carry up to 10 players on the practice squad, an increase of two from eight. The expansion is only for the 2014 and '15 seasons absent an extension. This will open up 64 more jobs around the league.

In addition, more players are now eligible for the practice squad.

Under the previous rules, players lost a year of practice squad eligibility if they were on a team's practice squad for three games in a season. Now, it will take six games for a player to lose the year of eligibility.

Teams will also now be allowed to sign up to a maximum of two players to the practice squad who have earned two years of NFL service. Players were previously not eligible for the practice squad if they earned a year or more of service unless he was on the team's 46-player active gameday list for fewer than nine games in each of those years.

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