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Posted Oct 26, 2011

QB Michael Vick

On how the Dallas Cowboys defense compares to other 3-4 alignments they’ve played against: "They do some different things with it. It’s not traditional, and they line up in some different fronts and certain formations. For the most part, they do some different things and they do it well. They’re probably the best defense that we have faced so far."

On the Eagles-Cowboys rivalry: "I’ve pretty much grasped every rivalry that this organization is a part of. That’s what football is all about, and that’s why I enjoy doing what I do."

On the feelings that Eagles fans have toward Dallas: "It’s totally understood. Dallas is America’s Team. It’s a great rivalry and a great opportunity for us to go out and play on a national stage once again against a good opponent. It will speak volumes about our football team."

On what he’s seen from Dallas on film: "We just have to line up and play. We can’t worry about what’s happened with them in the past. For us, it’s another team that we have to play and get through. The outcome is going to affect both teams tremendously. We just want to go out and put our best foot forward, get another win and keep moving."

On whether his stats portray more about his season than the Eagles record does: "I don’t feel like I have to prove anything other than going out and winning. There are some things that I could have done better, but I feel like I’ve gone out and played well. There are certain points in the season, different things will happen to you but you just have to adjust to it and get over it. With everything that has happened to this football team, we’re over it."

RB Ronnie Brown

On whether he thinks something special could happen because of the negated trade: "I don’t know. You know, I think everything happens for a reason. So that’s probably one of the reasons that it did happen (because) he’s fortunate to find (the tumor) in time and I think the surgery went well so that’s always good. I don’t really know Jerome like that but I’m excited for him to be able, actually I think he’ll sit out this season, but have an opportunity next season to come back."

On whether he thinks it will be beneficial for him as well: "I mean, probably. I think we all go through things in our life and you can either deal with them one or two ways: you can grow from them or you kind of sit back and always ask why. I try to look at things in a positive light and realize that whatever doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. And being able to go through things, adversities, that’s how you grow and become a stronger person."

G Evan Mathis

On how he knows that the team has turned the corner: "When you’re 2-4, you haven’t turned the corner. When we get to a winning record, we can start to talk about turning corners."

On whether the offensive line can be dominant now that they’re more comfortable with each other: "Moving forward and taking big steps are what we’re all about. We’ll go out there, give our best, and there will still be things to learn from and to improve as we move forward."

On whether they are close to being content with their play: "You can’t be content. You can always strive to get better because there is always room for improvement. If you keep that frame of mind and play like that going forward, good things will happen for us."

DT Mike Patterson

On former Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Johnson and what he remembers about him as a coach: "He was an awesome coach, man. He always inspired guys to go out there and play hard and that’s why I liked him. He didn’t have to come out there and yell and stuff like that. He would just go out there and talk and have respect for you. So I always enjoyed him. I always miss him. He was an awesome coach."

On his thoughts about the game against Washington as being his best game so far this season: "It has to do with, obviously missing camp was big for me, I finally feel like I can go out there and run around with the guys and stuff. So I mean, there was some good stuff and we just have to continue it. We have another big game this week. We just have to continue to keep that focus and continue to (progress)."

On his thoughts about the game against Washington: "Yeah, I mean the more time you have with each other, the more you can feel each other out and stuff like that. So that’s what it came down to, team chemistry. (And) that’s what it came down to, that’s how I feel at least. You know, when guys are trying to do what we do we have to gel together. I mean, I think everybody’s starting to learn how each other are playing and stuff like that."

On his thoughts about Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray: "He’s a hard runner. I mean, you guys saw it last week what he did. You know, he’s just a hard runner, he’s an explosive guy, and he doesn’t just go down, he keeps his feet moving and runners like that, those are tough guys to take down. So you have to give him credit (because) he did a pretty good job when he came out."

LB Jamar Chaney

On why he thinks head coach Andy Reid has been so successful after bye-weeks: "I mean, the great coaches make adjustments (and) halfway through the season you have to make adjustments and that’s one thing you do at halftime when you go in and on the sideline. And pretty much whenever you have your bye you’re going to make adjustments, go ahead and scout your team and see what they’re doing good and what they’re doing wrong and come back and make those corrections. And I think he’s been doing a good job of that."

On what he sees from Cowboys RB DeMarco Murray on film: "He’s really fast and he’s a guy that can make good decisions and find the right hole to go through. And the offensive line did a great job, too. I mean, they do a great job blocking and it’s a team effort, you know, their wide receivers are down the field blocking. So it’s not just him, it’s a team effort. You know, even when (Dallas RB) Felix (Jones) was back there they have pretty much everybody that’s supposed to be blocking, blocking -- receivers, tight ends, running backs, all of them block."

On Cowboys TE Jason Witten and what makes him so tough to play against: "Well he runs great routes. I mean, he’s somebody that’s good, but you know, there are certain levels. I mean, when you’re good like he is you can just stay good or you can work on your craft and continue to get better, and that’s something he continues to do. I think that’s what makes him great (is) that he continues to work and continues to get better. So that’s one thing special about him because when you see other tight ends they’re good but they don’t go to the next level."

On Murray rushing for the most yards in team history over all of the talented running backs the Cowboys have had in their history and whether it came out of the blue: "Well I don’t think it came out of the blue. They have a pretty good team over there and a lot of talented running backs. I mean, their running backs aren’t low-draft picks. I mean, (DeMarco Murray), I forget what round he was drafted in – second round, and Felix was drafted in the first round. So I mean, those guys they expect to come in and do those types of things. And I guess he started off slow but I guess he’s stepping up now."

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