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King Impressed By Roseman's Approach

Posted Mar 14, 2016

In the latest edition of his Monday Morning Quarterback column, The MMQB's Peter King begins by praising the recent efforts of vice president of football operations Howie Roseman.

King goes step-by-step through every move and what the ramifications are for each of them, but perhaps the most intriguing part of the column is Roseman detailing his travels to other leagues to gather information on how to best build a championship team.

“On Friday, Roseman told me that in his time away from a position of influence with the Eagles last year, he learned about the business of sport and the cultivation and development of players from franchise-runners in the NBA, Major League Baseball, NHL and the English Premier League,” King writes. “That’s right. He said that his time at a British sports seminar last November gave him a chance to learn a lot from some of the power teams in world soccer - Chelsea, Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Manchester City - about the importance of character in team-building, and about the skills needed to meld players speaking different languages from different cultures with a team of totally different people.”

After Chip Kelly was given personnel control following the 2014 season, Roseman did everything he could to soak in advice from executives around the various sporting worlds. It was an opportunity that many executives never get the chance to do, so Roseman made sure to make the most out of the opportunity.

“In the middle of your career, you can’t often take the time or use the energy to take a step back and really learn about your business,” Roseman told King. “But sometimes that’s the best thing for you in business - to take a step back and learn. I was given that opportunity, and (Chairman and CEO) Jeffrey (Lurie) wanted me to learn as much as I could, and for that I’m grateful. So when this opportunity came up now, I was able to hit the ground running. I’d been thinking about so much of the stuff about building a team.”

King also notes that not only has Roseman found a way to bring in players at positions of need in free agency, but he also made a strong effort to ensure players already on the roster that they’d be taken care. As a result, the Eagles are building the culture they desire inside the locker room.

“What sticks out to me,” Roseman said to King, “is how happy our players have been when we sign them. Brent Celek told me when his agent told him the deal got done, he had tears in his eyes. Sam Bradford told me, 'I’m so fired up! I told my agent I wanted this done three days ago!' Vinny Curry grew up an Eagles fan; this is home for him. So that’s something I’m really pleased about - we have a core of players who really want to be here.”

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