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Jon Gruden: Carson Wentz 'Is Perfect' For Philadelphia

Posted Oct 22, 2017

Monday Night Football analyst Jon Gruden gushed over the improvement of second-year quarterback Carson Wentz and the track he has the Eagles on to start the season.

“I’ve seen a lot of improvement. He’s made some great changes at the line of scrimmage. He’s fixed protections. He’s hand-signaled routes. He’s doing a lot at the line of scrimmage in year two of being in this system. His athleticism – strength in the pocket and scrambling ability – is underestimated,” Gruden said.

"He avoids a lot of negative plays. He avoids sacks and hits, and he avoids bad plays by being able to get out of the rush. He reminds me of Randall Cunningham the way he’s scrambling. He’s won a couple of games with that ability alone. In the first meeting, he beat the Redskins on third-and-12 on the opening possession with a 60-yard bomb.”

One of the aspects making Wentz bothersome to cover is his elite athleticism and evasiveness in the pocket. He ranks second in touchdowns thrown entering Week 7 with 13 and stands as the league’s best quarterback on third down by a sizeable margin.

In two home games this season, Wentz has five touchdowns, is throwing the ball at nearly 69 completion percentage for a quarterback rating of 112.7.

“He is a very strong, athletic quarterback that is throwing the ball well. He is benefiting from his new receivers – the free agent acquisitions," Gruden said. "Nelson Agholor is playing better and Wentz has quite a rapport with Zach Ertz. He’s handling a ton of football. He can audible at the line – change passes to runs and runs to passes. He competes like crazy and he is perfect for Philadelphia.”

According to Gruden, the Eagles have a chance to take control of the division with a win against the Redskins. Needless to say, he’s looking forward to seeing Wentz’s progression in front of the fans at Lincoln Financial Field on Monday night.

“I love doing games in Philadelphia. I have a lot of friends there and the fans are as good as anywhere in the country,” said the former Eagles offensive coordinator. "You saw what they did for the draft. I wish we could go back! If you watch the NFL Draft, you know what football is all about in Philadelphia. I love football, so obviously, I love it there.”

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