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ICYMI: The Week In Review

Posted Jun 15, 2014

Fan-Demonium: Homegrown Talent

"The draft is hard for all 32 teams. Everyone has picks they would like to take back and change. The key is to be right more than you are wrong. The Eagles have done that. They have done a great job of building an offense. The next step is to hit some home runs on the defensive side of the ball. There is still hope with current veterans and rookies."

WR Matthews: Humble And Hard Working

"Matthews is not cut from the mold. He graduated from one of the most academically challenging universities, earning his economics degree from Vanderbilt. His head is screwed on the right way. Matthews wasn't a five-star recruit coming out of high school, but he was wanted. He chose Vanderbilt for the football and the academics, and not necessarily in that order. Matthews wants to outwork everyone and prepare himself to be the best he is able to be."

Jim Johnson Honored With New Award

"On Monday, Peter King revealed in his Monday Morning Quarterback column that (Jim) Johnson is one of four recipients of the inaugural Paul "Dr. Z." Zimmerman Award, which is a lifetime achievement honor for NFL assistant coaches."

Foles Offers Insight Into Offensive Changes

"‘I think that the more we play together, the more we build chemistry,’ Foles said. ‘I’ve played with these guys a lot last season, so it’s nothing really new to me. We’re definitely growing in our offense and growing with our chemistry. We’ve kept a lot of guys here (from last season), we lost a couple guys, but we have a good group. So, yes, the more reps I get with these guys throughout our careers, hopefully the better – you want to get better, that’s the goal.’"

First-Round Pick Marcus Smith II Signs Deal

"‘It means everything," Smith said just moments after signing. "I've been waiting on it for a long time, been wanting to sign my contract just to get everything over with. It just feels great to be an Eagle and have no worries and go on the field and do what I do best. ‘When I put the pen to paper? The first person I think of is my mom. She did so many things for me and I just feel like I could go out and do something special for her.’"

Practice Notes: Don’t Count Out QB Kinne

"‘I feel so comfortable,’ Kinne explained. ‘All that experience last year of being able to travel to the games, being on sidelines charting the plays, working with Nick (Foles) and (former quarterbacks) Coach Lazor and (Michael Vick) – He taught me so much. We have similar styles of play, so it really helped me watching both of those guys and I just feel really good going into this minicamp.’"

Chip Kelly Offers OTA Scouting Report

"‘We’re trying to figure out what those guys can do and what their skill sets are and what their strengths and weaknesses are, then we’ll go from there, but you have to start them somewhere,’ Kelly said. ‘You can’t just say, Hey, learn every single position. You want to put them at one spot and figure out what their strengths and weaknesses are. As we evaluate them, we’re in the eighth OTA today and we’ll see how they go. We have two more OTAs Wednesday and Thursday and then we have three days next week, then we’ll sit down as a staff and (determine) what’s our plan as we approach preseason camp.’"

Practice Report: Wolff’s Year 2 Expectations

"‘(Being in my second year) allows you to play faster every play,’ (Wolff) said. ‘I also think the coaches have more expectations of you because you know what's going on, so they don't expect you to mess up as much as you did last year. That's why my goal is every day to come out here and be perfect. Today wasn't perfect, but my thing is basically not to make the same mistake as I did yesterday.’"

OT Bamiro Strives For Big Jump

"‘It's everything put together that I need to improve. Speed, strength and understanding where I need to be,’" (Bamiro) said. "‘I feel like I've gotten better and that I still have a long way to go. I'm working hard, getting good feedback from the coaches and I'm confident that I'm going to get there.’"

Fully Healthy, Polk Looks To Seize Bigger Role

"‘I definitely have a lot more confidence because reality is the best teacher,’ Polk explained. "‘Getting in the game, getting a feel for it, getting tackled, getting adjusted to the game speed - that helps. Last year, I felt like I was walking on egg shells because I didn’t have a lot of experience. I was out there just wide-eyed, but now the game is starting to slow down for me. I’m learning a lot from Darren and Shady to take my game to the next level.’"

News, Notes And Things I Think

"Safety/special teamer Chris Maragos is going to be a fan favorite. Eagles fans are going to love this guy, and not just because he has a special kind of hairstyle. He's a Philly kind of guy: scrappy, hungry and taking nothing for granted. He is going to add some major energy to the special teams group in all four phases of the game."

WR Huff Finding His Way In The NFL

"‘There’s a couple of different things,’ Huff said of the different between college and the pros. ‘Of course, it’s the next level, so you have talent everywhere on the field. My best input is to just stay out of the way and continue to do work and show these coaches that I can make plays and show them that I’m a total team player.’"

Brotherly Love Led Karim Barton To The NFL

"‘I had to earn everything,’ Barton said. ‘First of all, (Morgan State) doesn’t get the big notoriety or hype like the major D-I schools. My (offensive line) coach there told me, Don’t play down to (the opponent’s) level. You may be the best in the whole conference, but don’t play down to their level because this is a lower level of competition. You have to continue to raise your game. I took that advice and I ran with it, and then I started getting the awards – offensive lineman of the week, first-team all-conference, and then by the end of my senior season, I got invited to the all-star games. All along, it’s just been my work speaking for itself. My mantra has been hard work and dedication, so I just took that as my backbone and my focal point and used it to drive me. It’s not about talking, it’s about doing and putting your foot forward. You may get knocked down but, guess what, you have to get back up.’"

WR Benn: I'm Competing Against Myself

Arrelious Benn is only 25 years old, but started to question whether he wanted to continue to play. Committing to rehab would mean extended periods of time away from his fiancée, Mariel, and daughter, Azaia, who live in Pensacola, Fla. "I questioned myself sometimes if I wanted to play football again, if I wanted to just say forget it. That's how low I got. I just kept pushing. I kept my faith, kept praying," Benn said.


An Eagles Father's Day Infographic

While wishing a Happy Father's Day to all the Eagles fans out there, here's a breakdown of the Eagles family. Twenty-six members of the Eagles' 90-man roster are fathers themselves and they have a wide variety of family breakdowns.

Smith II, Carroll II Honor Their Fathers

"I've been the second my whole life, it's always been on my birth certificate and in high school I never got to have anything on the back of my jersey," linebacker Marcus Smith II said. "In middle school, never. Even in Pop Warner, I never had Smith II in there, and I just wanted to be able to show all the hard work that my pops put in for me to get this far. I just wanted to be able to show his name and make it known that I'm Smith II from him." 

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