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Game Vs. Steelers: Locker Room Offense

Posted Aug 21, 2014

QB Mark Sanchez
On whether the second and third string are just as good as starters: “The guys in here take a lot of pride in what they’re doing, just like everywhere. We’ve proven it to each other in this locker room we don’t really care about the outside. Coach [Chip] Kelly is good about keeping our blinders on and not caring about what’s on TV, what’s in the media and stuff. Who cares about that? Go out and play, have fun. That was the message before the game.”
On whether his best throws are seam routes: “Aw shoot, I don’t know, I mean screen passes are nice too. It doesn’t matter, you just get it out of your hands and these guys make plays, so that’s comforting.”
On whether in the next against the Jets game he’ll be aimed for: "I don’t really think about it. I have a ton of respect for those guys. I know them really well, like I said whether it’s the one defense we’re playing against or the two defense tonight, whether it’s the Jets the Bengals we don’t care, we just want to go play, execute on our side of the ball, react to what they are doing, anticipate hopefully and play well.”
On whether he’s getting a command of the offense: “I’m still learning the line, I’m still learning the line, there is still a lot of things going on. I’m trying to get everything down, there is still a long way to go.”
RB Matthew Tucker
On how he thinks he played tonight: “I think I did average for me tonight. I am not really there yet. I’m not where I want to be. I have to keep pushing for next game. I have to get better.”
On what he thinks the key is for converting short yardage situations: “I have to get low and move my feet. That is about it.”
On how deep this team is at running back: “We are deep. We have about six backs. Everyone can be gone, so we have to keep on pushing and working together. We have to keep competing.”
On whether his preseason touchdowns gives him a leg up in the competition: “Yeah, but I am not worried about touchdowns. I am just trying to do me and keep pushing.”

WR Jeremy Maclin
On his injury scare tonight: “It was obviously an awkward fall. It was very similar to what I did last year, with the knee going straight into the ground like that. I think it was reassurance that the leg is intact and everything is fine.”
On what he felt when he went down: “I really didn’t feel anything. My momentum stopped, because I couldn’t run anymore. The leg was stuck in the ground. A lot of ACL injuries happen like that. Like I said, luckily my quad is strong enough and the leg is intact, so I was able to get out of it.”
On whether he was scared that he hurt his knee again: “Absolutely, it is something that brought back flashbacks. Like I said, it let me know that everything is going to be okay.”
On how important it was for him to get back into the game after the scare: “If it was fine, I was going to play. So, I got up and it was okay. I was excited to get back out there and play. Thank God, he had my back on that one.”
At what point did he feel like he was okay: “When I got up and could walk, when the initial shock went away, I was pretty good.”
On the mental challenge of coming back from an injury: “Mentally, it is hard. I think you have to have a strong mind to get through stuff like this. I have always been in a good place mentally. Initially, when it happened a year ago, I was emotional and upset. But I think the thing that helped me in rehab, was that I was mentally tough. I am excited going forward.”
WR Riley Cooper
On how it felt being out there: “It was big. It felt good being out there with [QB] Nick [Foles] and the guys running around. I had a lot of fun. I felt like I did some good things out there. There are some stuff I would like to take back, but I think you can say that after every game. I have only had three practices, so I am getting back into it. But, it felt really good.”
On where he thinks he will be where he wants to be at the beginning of the season: “I feel like I am right there. Obviously, every day you want to get better and you want to continue to make strides.”
On whether he got the feeling that this is the kind of explosive offense that they can be: “I feel like we could do a bit more and that we left some stuff out there. But, we played well. Overall, it was a successful night. I think Nick played great and the offensive line protected very well. Overall, it was good.”

Center Jason Kelce
On how he felt the offensive line felt tonight: “They dialed up a lot of blitzes and I think that we did a good job of picking them up. When we didn’t pick them up, Nick did a great job. A lot of the times, when teams are blitzing and quarterbacks are getting hit a lot, it’s because the quarterback and the offensive line are not on the same page. I felt like we were on the same page tonight. I felt like we had a good rhythm and communication tonight.”
On how he thinks the second team offensive line has played: “They played great. To tell you the truth, they are playing as good or better than we are. They are in a good groove. There is a number of guys who have stepped up and are playing extremely well. We are going into the season with great depth.”
On how he thinks that RT Allen Barbre is playing: “He is going great. He is always hard on himself, but he told me today that he felt like it was the most comfortable game he’s had out there. I haven’t seen the film or anything, but it seemed like we had the best game we have had since the season has gotten going.”
On how ready he feels the offensive line is: “I think we did pretty well tonight against a good defense. There are still some things that we can get better at and there are still some communication things that we can clear up. I thought we handled things well tonight, but we can always do a better job.”

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