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Gamble Brings Value For Roseman

Posted Feb 13, 2013

The addition of Tom Gamble to the Eagles personnel department is one that's been in the works since Ryan Grigson, director of player personnel at the time, departed to become the Indianapolis Colts general manager last offseason. Eagles general manager Howie Roseman said Wednesday that following Grigson's departure, the team compiled a very short list of candidates who would be worthy of filling the role of personnel consigliere to Roseman. Chief atop that list was Gamble.

One offseason later, Roseman and the Eagles got their man in Gamble, the new vice president of player personnel.

"This was an extremely short list of people that we thought were the right fit and that speaks to what we added to our staff and what we have on our staff," Roseman said in a conference call. "We're very comfortable with the people we have on the staff. We're really excited about the futures that they have, but at the same time, when you have an opportunity to add -- it's no different than when you're adding a great player or a great coach to your team -- when you have an opportunity to add someone who's extremely talented in what he does to your staff, you have to look at those opportunities. We're always going to be open to that, whether that's a player, whether that's a coach, whether that's someone in the front office. If we can add a talented individual, that's going to make us all better ... and that's what we got in Tom Gamble.

"You're talking about a really good person too and somebody who is selfless and just wants to win, wants to do whatever he can to be a team player and for us, where we are, that's what we're looking for. We're just looking to have fun with the people around us, win football games, and build this team to where it has been and hopefully go even further."

Why, though, did Gamble want to leave his job as director of player personnel for the 49ers to join the Eagles? The answer, according to Roseman, lies in Gamble's long-standing relationship with the team and with the city of Philadelphia, where he began his personnel career in the late 1980's and where his father spent much of his coaching career.

"I think it speaks to his passion for this city and this fan base," Roseman said. "I think he is about Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Eagles and obviously that's important to him. He's not an ego guy, he just wants to be part of building something and building it with the Philadelphia Eagles. Our relationship as it's developed, we want to win football games, we want to build something here for this city for these fans. That's exciting to have someone coming in whose goals, they're not about him, they're about this team."

Across the country, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke wished his former colleague luck.

"I would like to thank Tom for his hard work, dedication and loyalty over the past eight seasons," said Baalke. "He has played an instrumental role within our personnel department, and is a true professional in every sense of the word. As a friend, I will always appreciate the relationship we have, and wish him and his family all the best."

For Roseman, Gamble's presence provides more experience to lean on among a staff that already features former general managers Rick Mueller and Tom Donahoe, in addition to the likes of Ed Marynowitz, who helped build the juggernaut Alabama football program, and director of college scouting Anthony Patch. The process of evaluating college and pro personnel can now be better streamlined to maximize efficiency.

"I still anticipate watching a lot of players and digging in on the personnel side, but the other responsibilities that come with this job, having more people you can trust and narrowing it down for me, just like we do for the coaches and coach Kelly, I think that's helpful," said Roseman. "As we go on here, the other responsibilities that come with (being a general manager), just having the people around you that you can trust and that you know are really good at their jobs, the more good people that we have around us, the better we'll be as an organization. That was one of our goals here in the offseason, just to hire a lot of good people and surround ourselves with them and build it for the future and have the long-term goal of building a great organization."

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