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Don't Forget About This Former Cowboy

Posted Sep 19, 2015

With so much attention on DeMarco Murray and how he’ll handle playing against his former team, another ex-Cowboy has flown under the radar.

Veteran Miles Austin called Dallas home for eight seasons, twice as long as Murray, and although he spent last year in Cleveland, the receiver has yet to face the Cowboys since he was released. That will change this Sunday.

Yet instead of worrying about the opponent, Austin is focused solely on the game, the Eagles’ first divisional matchup of the season. He is doing his best to prepare and help the team earn its first win of the year in a game that is a little more than just a game.

“This is my first time with a division opponent with me playing for Philly,” Austin said. “Obviously any time you’re playing a division opponent it’s going to be … there’s slightly more at stake because you have a chance to go one up in the division against another team.”

Does the fact that this first division game is against Dallas make a difference to the receiver? No, because after spending over a year away from the place where he began his career, Austin is fully removed from his time with the Cowboys.

When he lines up against the blue and white jerseys this Sunday, he won’t think twice about it because he understands what this game means to the Eagles and to the City of Philadelphia.

“It’s not that weird, not that I think. I don’t think it’s going to be that strange,” Austin said. “I was in Cleveland last year. I haven’t played with those guys in quite some time, but I know how big of a game it is and we’ve got to prepare that way. We’ve got to be ready.”

Spending so many years in Dallas, this rivalry is nothing new to the veteran. He’s been part of it time and time again, but he tries his best to not pay attention to the talk and doesn’t let it affect his routine and preparations.

“I think it varies. I’m sure certain fans maybe hate the Cowboys less or more. You know what I’m saying? Just like it would vary for a fan, it varies for players how you prepare for a game,” he said. “Personally, I don’t have any like anger going into preparation at any point in time, any team I was with. Maybe someone prepares that way. I don’t really know how to answer that. I’m focused. I’m locking into a week of hard practice, and I’m just excited.”

Of course, playing with Murray for three years in Dallas, Austin was hounded with questions. How will the running back approach the game? Will it be emotional? Is it possible for the storyline to affect the outcome?

Instead of speaking for his teammate the veteran discussed his approach – keying in and leaving it all on the field.

“He’s preparing for the next game we have. Obviously it happens to be against Dallas, but you can’t, in my opinion, let that affect your daily operations and what you do on a daily basis,” Austin said. “He’ll probably answer that question better than I can, but I think you just have to go out and prepare the normal way.”

When Sunday’s kickoff rolls around for Murray, don’t forget that he is not alone in facing his old team. Austin will be there as well, standing on the grass of Lincoln Financial Field in his Eagles gear.

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