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Dear Diary: Inside Patriots Week

Posted Aug 15, 2014

This week’s Dear Diary features safety Chris Maragos, who quickly made an impact on special teams in the preseason opener in Chicago ...

"These practices with the Patriots have been so good for me, so much fun and so competitive. It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this so just to get out here and compete against another team and see what their practice habits are, it’s been very productive for me.

"I feel like I’ve learned a lot just watching some of the real professionals on the Patriots and how they prepare for each day. What are their practice habits like? What is their focus like for a practice day? I try to take what I’ve learned and add to the way I approach each and every day.

"The on-field stuff has been really beneficial, and so has the aspect of spending more time and building chemistry with the guys off the field. We’re always having meals together and just hanging out In the lobby or talking. We had a defensive backs dinner on Wednesday night that was really fun. This is a week away all together and I think it’s given us all a chance to learn a lot more about each other off the field.

"It seems like a long time ago, but looking back at the game in Chicago, I got about 25 snaps on defense and about 15 on special teams. It was a good day for me. I’m feeling more and more comfortable in the defense and I’m rotating in with the guys and doing my thing. I obviously want to play as much as I can to help this team win.

"We had a few big plays on special teams, which made everybody feel really great. Josh Huff’s kickoff return was great and earlier we blocked a field goal. Those kinds of plays win games. I had a chance to be part of a play to get a turnover on a punt, so that was a great feeling.

"Chicago had a six-man look in the box when we were punting and I was able to get down the field fast. They were double-teaming our gunners, so when that happens I have a chance to be kind of like a gunner in the middle of the field. They made an error, and when a team makes an error in this league, you have to be able to capitalize and we did. Emmanuel Acho made a great recovery and we gave our offense great field position. It’s something we can build from.

"New England is a great team. We’ve seen that all week. We want to keep taking steps and improve each week. Our foundation is laid, so now we’re cleaning up things and building on it. I’m looking forward to seeing Tom Brady. He’s got my total respect. He has a lot of moxie and a lot of swagger and he throws the ball in the right spot at the right time every snap. He’s got amazing control. He is one of those players who does everything right. He pays attention to the details and it shows in his game.

"I don’t think we’re going to do much in terms of gameplanning for tonight. It’s about going out and playing good football and taking care of individual assignments and knowing that if you do your job and take care of your business, everything is going to be fine, because we all trust in the schemes on defense and on special teams.”

Chris Maragos signed with the Eagles during the free agency period in the offseason after playing for three years in Seattle. You can follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisMaragos

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