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Couplin Back In Action After Surgery

Posted Aug 24, 2015

Defensive back Jerome Couplin hopes of securing a spot on the Eagles’ 53-man roster hit a bump in the road when he was diagnosed with appendicitis a few weeks ago.

Couplin was suffering from what he thought was just a bad stomach ache but when the pain kept worsening, he knew it had to be something else.

“You get nervous; you’re wondering what it is and they don’t know. But, at the end of the day, you have to leave it in God’s hands,” he said. “He’ll take care of you. He took care of me. I’m back on the field a lot better.”

Fortunately, the 23-year-old was able to recover quickly and get back on the field to practice.

“I guess being young and healthy at the same time, too, plays a good part,” Couplin said.

Couplin wasted no time as he got right to work on Saturday during the second preseason game against the Baltimore Ravens with 52 snaps, the second most on defense, and five tackles.

For someone who just had his appendix removed, that’s quite a lot of playing time but head coach Chip Kelly was impressed with his performance.

“We were just happy to get him back out on the field. It was unfortunate that he had the appendicitis and then the appendectomy," Kelly said. "We didn't get a chance to play him in the first game. He was behind a little bit just because he hadn’t gotten those game reps, but I thought in the run game he was really good. There were a couple things he could clean up in the pass game, but the run game was really good, and he did a good job on special teams.”

Couplin, who watched a couple of the Eagles’ practices from the sideline, was not worried about falling behind during the two weeks he was unable to participate because he was still using that time to prepare mentally.

“I did miss a lot of time but at the same time I did get a lot of mental reps, too, so that’s what helps me mentally as far as getting myself back in. Now, I’m just trying to get the physical to catch back up and get back in shape,” he said.

The pressure is on right now as every player fights to prove they are worthy of a spot on the roster, but Couplin is making sure his health remains the number one priority.

“If something feels different or abnormal in my abdomen, you know, just let them know and they look at it,” Couplin said. “But, as far as all that, everything’s been feeling pretty good.”

He is not 100 percent back to himself yet after the surgery, but knows that if he takes it day by day, eventually his body will feel like it used to.

“I’m getting close to it. I’m not quite there yet,” he said. “There are still some adjustments and changes that my body is going through but I’m good enough to play.”

With two more games remaining in the preseason, Couplin is not stressing himself out over the numbers quite yet and hopes to have enough playing time to prove himself.

“Whatever opportunity they give me, I just have to take advantage of it. If I start on the team or even if I’m a backup. That’s the point, just have to take advantage of the opportunity you’re given,” Couplin said.

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