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Back In A Goode Situation

Posted Sep 22, 2015

As he watched Sunday’s game, linebacker Najee Goode had a feeling he would receive a call the team that cut him merely weeks ago. He saw Kiko Alonso and Mychal Kendricks both leave the field with apparent injuries of unknown severities and immediately understood that the Eagles may soon have a need for him.

Shortly thereafter, Goode got the call he was hoping for and is more than excited to be back on this Eagles roster with a team and coaching staff he is completely familiar with.

“Nothing has really changed. I still know all the calls, all the signals, everything like that,” Goode said. “That’s what’s huge. Going to a new system you have to learn, take that time to adjust and it can slow you down on the field. Here, I can just go right in and play at normal speed and play faster actually.”

The fact that the linebacker already knew this defensive scheme is a large part of the reason the team elected to bring him back. The coaching staff was also impressed with him throughout Training Camp. Defensive coordinator Bill Davis was astonished that bringing Goode back on was an option at this point in time.

“Very surprised nobody picked Najee up," Goode said. "I thought he had a great preseason. So we're anxious to see where we go from here.”

Landing in Philadelphia again was exactly what the linebacker wanted. While the team awaits news on the injuries of Alonso and Kendricks, Goode will prepare to fill whatever role is needed of him.

Although he excited to be back, the linebacker wasn’t shy to admit the initial cut was a bit of a shock.

“It was a surprise. I’m not going to lie. It was a surprise, but you know that’s how stuff works,” Goode said. “We brought in good guys. We made a lot of roster changes. Kiko, you saw, made a hell of a play against Atlanta.

“That’s some of the things he does well. We also said before, we’ve all got different attributes. Coach Davis found a good way to use him. We would have kept everybody in the linebacker room if we could, but that comes with this game and the business. The fact that I’m back, I’m happy as hell about it.”

While not on the roster for the opening two games, Goode isn’t worried about this Eagles team in the least.

“There’s nothing that we can’t correct because when I first came here in 2013, we started off 1-3 and ended up going 10-6,” Goode said. “Anything can happen.”

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