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Assistant Coaches In Demand

Posted Jan 9, 2013

If you are wondering what becomes of the Eagles’ coaching staff of 2012, we have some answers for you. Jeffrey Lurie made it clear the day he announced the end of Andy Reid’s coaching tenure here that all of the coaching staff would have its contracts honored and, at the same time, interview if other opportunities arise.

So, according to many reports, other opportunities are out there, and for several of the 2012 Eagles coaches, that means a chance to join Reid in Kansas City. How does it work? Let’s back up just a bit and understand what Lurie said about the coaching staff on December 31.

“With the coaches, most of them are under contract and we’ll honor the contracts,” Lurie said in his press conference. “They're going to do their player evaluations this week, which is important because it's always helpful to see how a position coach or a coordinator feels about certain players.

“They will be free to abide the anti-tampering rules and interview for other jobs. It's my priority that whoever we bring in as head coach will have an opportunity to meet them and for those who want to stay, consider them. There are some people there that are really deserving, they've worked hard, and they'll all have that opportunity.”

So, it’s a fluid situation. The Eagles have given permission to Reid in Kansas City to speak to the coaches on his list, as well as head athletic trainer Rick Burkholder.

It’s that time of the year in the NFL when men are on the move and teams have open dialogues and cooperate with each other in this always-changing game for coaches.

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