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A Virtual Tour Of The Eagles' Nest

Posted Jul 28, 2014

On Friday morning, Eagles president Don Smolenski led a tour of the revitalized Lincoln Financial Field to give some members of the local media a first-hand look at the new stadium upgrades. Eagles fans will get their first glimpse at the Eagles’ nest in person on Monday at the Open Practice, but many of them followed along on Twitter for a virtual tour.

In case you missed it, here are the highlights of what you can expect to see when you walk into Lincoln Financial Field in 2014 …

The Tour Begins

Friday was a busy day for the Eagles with the full squad reporting for the start of 2014 Training Camp, and the excitement was doubled by the latest look at the Eagles’ home stadium. Linebacker Connor Barwin described the day as feeling like the first day of school, and if that’s the case, the Eagles are returning to a new-look campus. 

Eagles On The Big Screen

The new HD video boards will most likely be the first thing that fans notice when they sit down inside the stadium for the first time. Really, it’s impossible not to notice them. The new Panasonic video boards, located in each end zone, and LED ribbon boards are the highest-resolution HD boards in the NFL.

Enhancing The Fan Experience

The new video boards aren’t the only new touch. Two new seating sections have been added - one in the northeast corner and the other in the southwest corner. The new seating sections (complete with brand new bridges to help connect the sections) have enclosed the previously open parts of the stadium. The Eagles’ nest will be louder than ever in 2014.

The inside of the stadium has been revitalized as well, with new Panasonic video screens located throughout the club level to go along with a new dining marketplace and other new features.

What Makes It All Tick

Along with the new video boards, the control room inside Lincoln Financial Field has been updated as well. Thanks to some of the new equipment inside the command center (and the talented people running it), spectators at Lincoln Financial Field will be able to view replay angles that they’ve never seen before at the stadium. Also, the video board lighting up in full force to signal "Touchdown" is something that fans won't want to miss.

See For Yourself

The Eagles will suit up and take the field for the first time at their revitalized home on Monday afternoon for the first of two Open Practices at Lincoln Financial Field (the second date is August 3rd). No tickets are needed. Seating for both days are on a first-come, first-serve basis, and be sure to remember the NFL’s All-Clear policy. We can’t wait for the Eagles’ nest to rock!

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