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5 Things To Know Today: July 27

Posted Jul 27, 2014

The Eagles are back on the practice field for another fast-paced training session this morning beginning at 11:35 AM. Here's a look back as well as some big things to look forward to in our 5 Things To Know Today for Sunday, July 27 ...

1. Maclin Looks Great, Feels Great

Today marks exactly one year since wide receiver Jeremy Maclin suffered a season-ending knee injury during Training Camp. Maclin rehabbed feverishly to return for this season and the hard work paid off with a tremendous first day on the field which included a beautiful reception on a deep pass down the sideline from quarterback Nick Foles. "I felt good. I feel like I was in better shape than going into Training Camp last year. Right now, it's all about continuing to build on that and get that relationship down with Nick and the offense and staying healthy. Those are the most important things right now," Maclin said.

2. No Rest For Jordan Matthews

During the break before his first Training Camp, wide receiver Jordan Matthews trained with Pro Bowl receivers A.J. Green and Calvin Johnson to learn about how to handle Training Camp. The second-round pick's biggest takeaway was focusing on the little things.

"Don’t just think you can come out here and practice and then you’re going to be great. You have to come out here and deliver at practice and then you have to focus on all of the little things on the field and also off of the field. Not just being a great person, but also being a great teammate by making sure you get your recovery, making sure you sleep and don’t stay up all night, making sure you watch what you eat," Matthews said.

"Training with Calvin, he was so deliberate with the things he ate, how much he stretched - he would always get there an hour before we started working out to make sure he would get on the medicine ball and get on the roller and do things that would help him play longer. So it was just learning things like that I felt like really helped me."

3. Jason Peters' Secret To Success

The Eagles' offense revved up the tempo immediately during Saturday's training session despite a 35-day layoff. How are the players able to get right back into the flow? Jason Peters explained how he prepared during the time away - fishing. After four or five days of putting in cardio and agility work, Peters said it was important to get off his feet for a few days and that fishing is what he enjoys doing. Peters is a six-time Pro Bowl selection and is coming off of a Pro Bowl and All-Pro season which earned him a new contract. Fishing must have worked just fine.

4. LeSean McCoy Notices A Difference

Running back LeSean McCoy can sense a difference as the team enters its second season under head coach Chip Kelly. "This is really the first time seeing everyone bought into the program from the weight lifting to the stuff with the diets," McCoy said. "We want to win. I think, especially as an individual who is a competitor, you try to achieve things for yourself, but also for the team. It's realistic to say that this team can go somewhere special." McCoy will host a press conference following today's training session at 1:45 PM which you can watch online or on our app.

5. Don't Forget About Monday's Open Practice!

Getting excited for the season! Can't wait to see the Eagles in action? Fans only have one more day to wait before the first open practice at Lincoln Financial Field. There are no tickets. Seating is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The parking lots open at 9 AM, HeadHouse Plaza opens at 10 AM, the stadium gates open at 11 AM and practice kicks off at 12:15 PM. It's the first opportunity for fans to see Lincoln Financial Field following the Stadium Revitalization Project.

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