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Philadelphia Eagles PA License Plate Program

Eagles Fans in Pennsylvania, now you can support your team while 'driving' much needed funds to the kids served by the programs of Eagles Youth Partnership...


The Philadelphia Eagles Pennsylvania License Plate is only available to Pennsylvania Residents with a valid PA Driver's License and Registered Motor Vehicle

To apply, follow these five easy steps:
  1. Complete and sign sections 'A' and 'E' of the APPLICATION FORM (download form HERE (PDF))
  2. Fill out and sign PAYMENT FORM and submit payment in the amount of *$75 via credit card or check payable to 'Eagles Youth Partnership' (download a PAYMENT FORM HERE (PDF))
  3. Make a copy of your current valid PA Driver's License
  4. Make a copy of your current valid PA Vehicle Registration
  5. Send the completed APPLICATION FORM, PAYMENT FORM, payment and copies of Driver's License and Vehicle Registration to:

    Eagles Youth Partnership

    PA License Plate Program

    One NovaCare Way

    Philadelphia, PA 19145

* Note: Your one-time $75 fee includes all costs, including shipping and one Registration card (disregard ‘Fee of $25 Request’ on Application Form, as this fee is already included in the $75 cost). The only additional fee beyond the $75 would be $1.50 per any additional Registration cards requested – please add this amount for each additional card requested, or write ‘0’ in the space provided if you only wish to receive one. The cost of your Eagles PA plate is a one-time fee, only your PA Registration Renewal Fee (currently $20) will be due annually to PennDOT, as with any PA license plate.

Please be sure that your annual registration will not expire within 60 days of your application, as it will slow down the process of receiving your new Eagles PA plate. Contact us with any questions at

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. Is my Eagles PA License Plate cost tax deductible?
A. $46 of the $75 purchase price is tax-deductible. A receipt for your tax purposes will be sent from Eagles Youth Partnership within a few weeks of your purchase.



Q. How long until I receive my Eagles PA license plate?
A. We expect that PennDOT will send out plates within an estimated 4-8 weeks from the time that you submit your application, payment and copies of Driver's License and Vehicle Registration. If you do not receive your Eagles License plate 10 weeks after submitting your application, please contact us (at, do not contact PennDOT directly.



Q. Can I request a specific word or number on my plate[s]?
A. No. Plate numbers are designated in the order that applications are received. Recently PennDOT presented participating organizations the choice to offer customers a customized personalized plate option. However, we have yet to adopt this new policy.



Q. Will the license plate come directly to my house or will it go to Eagles Youth Partnership?
A. Yes, plates will be mailed from PennDOT directly to the address of the registered vehicle.



Q. Can I purchase more than one plate?
A. You can purchase multiple plates, as long as each is for a separate vehicle and that all vehicles meet the requirements of the program (see below).



Q. How do I know if I am eligible for the Specialty License Plate program?
A. The program is available to Pennsylvania residents with a valid PA Driver's License, and for currently registered non-commercial passenger vehicles, motor homes and trucks 9,000 pounds and under. Unfortunately, motorcycles and trailers are not eligible to participate in this program.



Q. What do I do if my annual registration is about to expire?
A. Please be sure that your annual registration will not expire within 60 days of your application. To renew early, visit The annual registration is required to be updated to prevent the possibility of your application being rejected during the Specialty Plate process. Note that the annual renewal is a separate fee from the Specialty Plate fee. Your new Eagles PA plate will arrive with a new sticker as well.



Q. I have a handicapped plate. Can I still purchase an Eagles PA license plate?
A. Specialty license plates are not issued as handicapped plates; however you may obtain an Eagles PA license plate and then apply for a handicapped placard through PennDOT.



Q. What charities does my donation support?
A. All proceeds from the Eagles PA License Plate sales support the programs of Eagles Youth Partnership (EYP). EYP serves more than 50,000 children in need throughout our region each year with programs such as the Eagles Eye Mobile, Eagles Book Mobile, Annual Playground Build and more. Every $30 raised can provide a new book for a dozen kids who may have never owned a book to call their own – or a new pair of prescription eyeglasses for a child who may desperately need them to see, learn and play safely.



Q. Who can I contact if I have a question that is not addressed here?
A. For more info please email


*The Pennsylvania Specialty Plate program is only applicable for Registered Motor Vehicles under 9,000 lbs. Motorcycles and Trailers are not eligible. Although handicapped plates are not included in this program, you may choose to procure an Eagles PA License Plate, and then apply for a Handicapped placard.